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Bald Head Wig Cap
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Best Captain Underpants Costume Guide

Debuting 20 years ago, Captain Underpants is still a relatively new character. Stemming from the popular book series, this superhero is the creation of two 4th graders named Harold and George. If you’re looking for a fun book character to cosplay, look no further! Follow this simple guide to get his complete look.

The costume begins with a Bald Head Wig Cap. Then, choose a pair of Calvin Klein Classic Briefs to compliment the classic Red Cape. Complete this look with Captain Underpants’ trademark Rubber Toilet Plunger and begin to brush up on your character knowledge with The New Captain Underpants Collection.

Captain Underpants Cosplay Costumes

Calling all warm weather cosplayers! If you know your convention site doesn’t have the best central air conditioning, why not cosplay a character with an outfit sure to keep you cool in any weather! Any body type can pull off the style of literary hero Captain Underpants. It helps if you happen to be bald, but with bald caps available both online and at your local costume shop, his hairless dome is easy enough to emulate.

It’s pretty simple from here; Captain Underpants’ style is true to his name. A comfy pair of white briefs and a red cape made with anything from a blanket to a tablecloth paired with his weapon of choice, a plunger and you’re officially Captain Underpants. For group cosplay, you can choose to go as Captain Underpants’ alter-ego School Principal, Mr. Krupp, or character creators George and Harold. Story nemesis Melvin Sneedly is also an option. Make sure you check out our featured pics for more style ideas. Send us pics of your look and show us what you’ve come up with!

Captain Underpants Costume Tips & FAQs

Leap into the whimsical world of “Captain Underpants” with our dedicated costume guide FAQ. Captain Underpants, the superhero alter ego from the popular children’s book series, is known for his humor, simplicity, and unique attire. This FAQ is designed to help fans and cosplayers create an authentic Captain Underpants costume, perfect for book-themed events, children’s parties, or playful cosplay.

Captain Underpants' costume is famously minimalistic and easy to recreate. The primary elements include a pair of plain white briefs (his "underpants") and a red cape. The briefs should be large and comfortable, and the cape can be made from any red fabric, ideally with a flowing and lightweight texture. Remember, the simplicity of the costume is key to capturing the character's playful and unassuming nature.

The cape is a crucial part of Captain Underpants' costume. You can use a piece of red fabric or a pre-made cape. It should be long enough to flow behind but not so long that it becomes a tripping hazard. If you're crafting it yourself, attach it securely around the neck with Velcro or a tie that can be easily undone for safety.

Captain Underpants is depicted as a bald, plump man with a wide, gleeful smile. To emulate this, you can use a bald cap if you don't have a naturally bald head. Facial expressions are also important – maintain a joyful and exuberant demeanor to embody his character fully.

Aside from the underpants and cape, Captain Underpants’ costume is notably sparse. However, you can enhance the costume with black fabric or body paint to create his distinctive eyebrows and a big, toothy grin. Optionally, carry around a copy of one of the "Captain Underpants" books as a prop.

Captain Underpants is known for his silly catchphrases and humorous lines. Including some of these in your cosplay can make it more entertaining and authentic. Here are a few memorable quotes: "Tra-la-laaa!," "Never underestimate the power of underwear!," "I am the terror that flaps in the night!," "Want to see me in my underwear?" and "Stand back! These underpants are radioactive!" These quotes capture the essence of Captain Underpants' quirky and comical nature, adding an element of fun to your portrayal.

About Captain Underpants

Beginning as a comic book series created by a pair of fourth-grade boys, Captain Underpants was initially just pictures and words on a page. After accidentally being hypnotized, their grouchy school principal Mr. Krupp turns into comic book hero Captain Underpants whenever someone snaps their fingers. While he returns to his normal cantankerous self when getting wet with water, Mr. Krupp is unaware of his superhero identity.

Though in real life he seems to have a great dislike of children, Mr. Krupp is kind to everyone and is most understanding of children when he transforms into Captain Underpants. He is the principal’s alter-ego in every sense if the word. Captain Underpants doesn’t acquire true super powers until the third book. Up until that point, it was up to George and Harold to keep him safe when he was in superhero mode. The series ends with Mr. Krupp permanently losing his super powers, thereby eliminating Captain Underpants forever. However, there are still eleven great books to read.

Captain Underpants

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