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Captain Phasma is a stormtrooper captain. She grew up as part of the Scyre clan on Parnassos and later became the military leader of the clan. As she got older, she desired to leave behind Parnossos and her family. She helped a First Order General to his ship, ultimately betraying her brother. That was the turning point that led her to join the First Order and leave her life on Parnassos. 

Phasma, played by Gwendoline Christie, first appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Noted as being an extremely dangerous warrior and skilled military leader, Captain Phasma was the creation of J. J. Abrams. Her ultimate goal is to survive any way she can. If she has to betray, backstab, and kill a few people to do so, then so be it. She’s openly loyal to the First Order and has gained respect from stormtroopers and leaders alike. Get the look of the veteran Stormtrooper commander with this Captain Phasma costume guide. Suit up as one of the most popular characters of the revitalized Star Wars franchise with a Captain Phasma Costume, Captain Phasma Gloves, Toy Blaster, Silver Staff, and Chrome Boots.

Captain Phasma Cosplay Costumes

Captain Phasma has settled into a high-ranking role of the First Order. She has openly stated and demonstrated her loyalty to the First Order. However, she still places her own survival above anything else. She uses her place as a leader over stormtroopers to get her way. This is taken to the extreme by going as far as memorizing the serial numbers of the stormtroopers she commands. Her bright shining silver armor is actually a rejected costume concept for Kylo Ren.

Some have seen a wavering attitude in Phasma and estimate that she will quickly betray the First Order if it benefited her in any way. Unfortunately, the people who have said that never seem to stick around for too long. She can easily manipulate and threaten people and won’t hesitate to pull rank. To feel as powerful as Captain Phasma, you’re going to need your team of stormtroopers behind you. Round up a group of friends dressed as Stormtroopers and take over the party by force!

Captain Phasma Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the world of “Star Wars” with our costume guide FAQ for Captain Phasma, the formidable and imposing commander known for her striking chrome armor and authoritative presence. This guide is perfect for fans and cosplayers who want to embody one of the most visually iconic characters from the recent “Star Wars” films.

Captain Phasma's armor is unique and instantly recognizable. It consists of a reflective chrome stormtrooper armor that covers her entire body, including a helmet with a distinctive cape. The armor is sleek and streamlined, with a polished finish that sets her apart from other stormtroopers. The cape, typically dark with a red stripe, adds a touch of menacing elegance to her overall appearance.

To recreate Captain Phasma's helmet and armor, you'll need a full-body stormtrooper costume as a base. You can then apply a chrome or silver finish to give it the signature reflective look. For the helmet, ensure it matches the style seen in the movies, with its unique shape and black-and-silver detailing.

Captain Phasma wears boots that are part of the standard stormtrooper design but in a chrome finish to match her armor. These boots are typically black and can be painted or covered with a chrome or silver material to achieve the correct look.

To enhance your Captain Phasma cosplay, consider including her blaster rifle, which is a First Order stormtrooper blaster with a chrome finish to match her armor. Additionally, the dark cape with a red stripe is a crucial part of her costume and should be included to complete the look.

To bring authenticity to your Captain Phasma cosplay, embody her commanding presence and authoritative demeanor. She is known for her unwavering loyalty to the First Order and her imposing stature. While she has limited dialogue, her physical presence and the way she carries herself are key aspects of her character.

About Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma was originally part of the Scyre clan on Parnassos but left to join the First Order. She quickly rose in rank to become the leader of the stormtrooper training program. First Order officials quickly noticed her skills and abilities, and she was able to use her popularity to benefit her position further. She helped assassinate several officers in the First Order and gained even more power over Stormtroopers. 

Phasma has a tactical and military-oriented brain. Her mindset developed when she was placed in charge of the Scyre military. Her skill only grew. The rough terrains of Parnassos instilled in her a sense of survival and developed a need to become stronger than those around her. These survival skills have created a paranoia of sorts. Phasma always strategizes as a means of taking down those that are a threat. She routinely fights with her stormtroopers, but won’t hesitate to leave them behind if necessary. 

Captain Phasma

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