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To refer to someone as Captain Obvious is a way of sarcastically calling out a person who has verbally stated something so clear to everyone that there was no need to state it at all. It’s quite common for a typical English speaker to use this in jest. For, this was a way of marketing their brand with humor and familiarity. The online accommodations platform used the common statement to create a character of the same name. Portrayed by an actor named Brandon Moynihan,’s Captain Obvious personified the statement in a series of ads that made up the campaign. Get the look of a campaign superstar with this Captain Obvious costume guide.

This costume is obviously the best choice for you! Start with a Captain Obvious costume, some slacks, a dress shirt with a black tie, and a pair of Oxford shoes. Finish it off with a black sailor’s cap and false facial hair (if necessary).

Captain Obvious Cosplay Costumes

The look and personality of the Captain himself are based on the persona of the Internet meme of the same name in pop culture, even though the phrase has been in existence long before memes were even a thing. He is comically dressed in a Ruritanian uniform decorated with medals. The Captain’s role in the campaign ads is to simply state the obvious – nudging audiences to realize these self-evident things as something they should have already realized before even being told. All of the statements, of course, are related to For example, on one ad he would say “You can’t use the mobile app until you download it,” urging viewers to download the brand app on their phones.

We don’t mean to state the obvious, but going alone in costume won’t be as fun as going as a group. Invite other memorable advertising characters such as the Old Spice Guy or Colonel Sanders.

Captain Obvious Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the unmistakable wit and straightforward charm of Captain Obvious, the iconic spokesperson for, known for his deadpan humor and distinctive attire. Our detailed costume guide FAQ is crafted to assist you in replicating the look of this beloved advertising character, ensuring you capture both his visual style and his penchant for stating the glaringly obvious. Whether for a marketing event, a costume party, or simply to pay homage to one of the most recognizable figures in recent advertising history, this guide will provide you with all the necessary details to accurately portray Captain Obvious.

Captain Obvious's outfit is as distinctive as his personality, characterized by a traditional captain's uniform. Key elements include a navy blue captain's jacket with gold trim and buttons, a matching pair of navy blue pants, and a white captain's hat with a black brim and gold detailing. The uniform is complemented by a white dress shirt and a black tie, along with black dress shoes. His look is meticulously neat, reflecting his authoritative yet approachable persona.

Captain Obvious sports a clean, military-style haircut with short sides and a slightly longer top, along with a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. To replicate his hairstyle, aim for a tidy, conservative cut that's well-groomed. For the facial hair, a full but closely trimmed beard and mustache are essential. If you're unable to grow facial hair to match, consider using a high-quality fake beard and mustache set that can be trimmed to the appropriate shape and length.

Essential accessories for a convincing Captain Obvious portrayal include his white captain's hat, which is a central piece of his identity. Additionally, gold epaulettes on the shoulders of the jacket and gold trim along the sleeves and jacket edges are crucial for capturing the authentic look of a captain's uniform. A pair of black dress shoes and a black tie provide the finishing touches to his ensemble, ensuring a polished and professional appearance.

For a DIY approach to Captain Obvious's captain's jacket, start with a basic navy blue blazer as your base. Gold fabric paint or gold trim can be applied to the edges of the jacket, sleeves, and around the cuffs to mimic the gold detailing. Epaulettes can be created using gold-colored fabric or by modifying existing epaulettes from a costume store, then attaching them to the shoulders of the blazer. Fabric glue or sewing can secure all elements in place, transforming a simple blazer into a captain's jacket.

Captain Obvious is known for his humorous and, well, obvious statements that make light of travel and hotel booking experiences. Here are some quotes that can bring your Captain Obvious portrayal to life: "It's surprising what you can book on," "The best place to find a hotel is in the hotel section of," " You can get rewarded basically anywhere.," "Saving money on a hotel means you can spend more on the important stuff, like souvenir hats." and "I am Captain Obvious and rewards me basically everywhere." Using these quotes can help capture the essence of Captain Obvious's character, reflecting his humor and the clever marketing strategy of

About Captain Obvious

The campaign started in 2014. One of the most shared ads from that campaign had Captain Obvious saying “Getting free nights is always cheaper than not getting free nights.” Quick, witty quips define the persona and campaign surrounding Captain Obvious. His character was very well received, especially in the United States. So much so that until now, he still has an online presence. On Twitter alone, he has more than 400,000 followers. On the platform, he is more liberal about the self-evident things he tweets, no longer strictly tied to the content. Although his account description, of course, still mentions the company. Some examples of these non-branded tweets are “Your days are numbered, especially on your calendar,” “The writing on the wall is probably graffiti,” and “Preparing for a marathon takes a lot of steps.” His character is also featured on many consumer-made memes across the Internet, spanning several platforms.

Captain Obvious

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