How to Dress Like Captain Cold

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Captain Cold Costume Guide
Men's X-Temp Thermal Long-Sleeve Top
Rothco Ventec Tactical Goggle
Levi's Men's 510 Skinny-Fit Jean
Mens Winter Faux Fur Lined Long Coat Parka
Tactical Gloves for Men Outdoor Sport Driving
COMBAT Jungle Boot Leather-Canvas Black
Nerf Zombie Strike ZED Squad Longshot CS-12 Blaster

Best Captain Cold Costume Guide

Feeling a little cold? Dress like Leonard Snart, or better known as Captain Cold. Captain Cold is a villain in the DC universe and leader of the Rogues, a group of villains banded together to defeat their common enemy, the Flash. Captain Cold is portrayed on TV by Wentworth Miller in the CW TV shows The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Gear up for the cold with your Winter Faux Fur Lined Parka with Hooded Trim Fur, Rothco Ventec Tactical Goggle, Men’s Waffle Knit Thermal Crew Top, Tactical Gloves for Outdoor Sport Driving, Combat Leather-Canvas Jungle Boots, and Levi’s Men’s 510 Skinny-Fit Jean. Captain Cold wouldn’t be Captain Cold without his freeze gun. Complete the costume with a Nerf Zombie Strike ZED Longshot CS-12 Blaster.

Captain Cold Cosplay Costumes

Not in the mood to cosplay as a superhero this year? If that’s the case, why not go as one of the popular villains in the DC universe? As you may have guessed by this villain’s name, you’ll be dressing for cold temperatures in a faux fur parka, a thermal long-sleeve top and dark skinny jeans with some combat boots. You’ll also need to find some tactical goggles, dark gloves, and grab a Nerf Zombie Blaster or something similar. If you’re interested in doing a group cosplay, a great idea would be to go as some of the characters from the Rogues which is a villain group that Captain Cold is the leader of. If you do happen to do a group cosplay like that or even just come up with an awesome individual cosplay of Captain Cold, we’d love to see some of your photos!

About Captain Cold

Captain Cold who is also known as Leonard Snart happens to be one of many villains in the DC comics. He is the leader of a group known as the Rogues who his sister, Lisa Snart is also a part of. The reason Leonard and his sister came together in order to create this group was that they wanted to get away from their abusive father and because of that, they ended up turning to a life of crime. Captain Cold’s main thing he uses early on is an ice-gun and it’s a tool he uses in order to cause trouble to Central City and rob banks and companies. While he uses an ice-gun for awhile in the series, he eventually gained ice powers and they help aid him in trying to fight against Flash who is the main protector of Central City. Snart is definitely a smart leader even if he’s manipulative at times.

Captain Cold

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