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Blue Bomber Jacket
Captain Boomerang Beanie
Grey Scarf
Black Pants
Black Leather Trench Coat
Black Belt
Black Leather Gloves
Black Boots

Best Captain Boomerang Costume Guide

Captain Boomerang, known as George “Digger” Harkness is the insane and unstoppable superhero created by DC Comics. This Aussie loves to rob any and every bank just so he can add it to his accomplishments. He’s the enemy Barry Allen, the superhero known as The Flash. Owen Mercer, his son, took over his father’s role as Captain Boomerang and shortly after moved on as a member of the Suicide Squad. Get the look of this DC Comics supervillain with this Captain Boomerang costume guide.

Cosplay Captain Boomerang’s crazy style with a Blue Bomber Jacket, Black Pants, Black Leather Trench Coat, and a pair of Black Boots. Put on a Captain Boomerang Beanie, Grey Scarf, Black Leather Gloves, and a Black Belt for all of Captain Boomerang’s accessories. He wouldn’t have his name without his Boomerangs, so don’t forget to grab a few of them to complete this costume!

Captain Boomerang Cosplay Costumes

DC Comics The Suicide Squad has to be the most popular superhero crew for cosplay, which means they are only going to grow in popularity! Captain Boomerang adds some quirkiness to the other lunatics who make up the antihero group. With some clothing and accessories, you can easily get Captain Boomerang’s look! Start looking in your own closet to find black pants, a grey scarf, belt, and black boots. If you don’t have a bomber jacket, trench coat, and black leather gloves—check a local retail or thrift store! For all the other items, including the beanie and boomerang, look at the complete Captain Boomerang cosplay guide.

Captain Boomerang may have started on his own, but that doesn’t mean you have to be lonesome at your next costume party. Get a few of your friends to dress as the rest of the members of the Suicide Squad! They can go as Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc, El Diablo, or Katana. The choices are really endless. Don’t take that costume off without sending us a picture! You never know, it may end up in our costume gallery of awesome looks!”

Captain Boomerang Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the unpredictable and action-packed world of DC Comics with our costume guide FAQ for Captain Boomerang, one of the most recognizable anti-heroes and villains in the DC Universe. Known for his Australian heritage, distinctive costume, and expertise with boomerangs, Captain Boomerang’s outfit combines elements of traditional superhero costumes with his unique, rogue style. This guide will help you capture the essence of this intriguing character, perfect for fans looking to embody a blend of villainy and unconventional heroism.

Captain Boomerang's outfit is characterized by its unique and flashy design. Essential components include a long blue coat or trench coat, often with white or silver accents, and a blue costume underneath, which can be a bodysuit or a combination of a shirt and pants. The outfit typically features boomerang motifs or designs, underscoring his weapon of choice. He accessorizes with a hat, sometimes depicted as a blue beanie or a wide-brimmed hat, and a utility belt equipped with boomerangs. Captain Boomerang's look is completed with sturdy boots, and in some adaptations, he wears fingerless gloves or gauntlets.

To replicate Captain Boomerang's look, start with a long blue coat or trench coat. Add white or silver accents to the coat, such as stripes or boomerang designs, either by sewing fabric or using fabric paint. For the underlying costume, choose a blue bodysuit or a blue shirt and pants, and add similar accents or boomerang motifs. The key is to create an outfit that's both eye-catching and indicative of his personality as a rogue.

Captain Boomerang's hat varies depending on the adaptation. A blue beanie or a wide-brimmed Australian style hat are both fitting choices. The hat should complement the overall color scheme of the outfit. For footwear, opt for durable, functional boots, preferably in blue or black, that allow for agility and movement.

Essential accessories for Captain Boomerang's costume include a utility belt where he can store his boomerangs. You can either attach prop boomerangs to the belt or have pockets and pouches for them. Fingerless gloves or gauntlets can also be added as part of his combat-ready attire. Remember, his accessories should be practical and representative of his skills as a boomerang expert.

To enhance your portrayal of Captain Boomerang, consider adopting his brash and cocky demeanor, often accompanied by a distinctive Australian accent. Memorable quotes like, "G'day, mate," or quips and taunts during combat, capture his irreverent personality. Emphasizing his skill with boomerangs, his tendency to be both a villain and an anti-hero, and his often humorous interactions with other characters will add depth to your cosplay. Captain Boomerang is a character known for his unpredictability and his ability to be both a thorn in the side and an unlikely ally to heroes and villains alike.

About Captain Boomerang

Captain Boomerang, known also as George “Digger” Harkness, grew up with a hard life similar to most villains. The notorious DC Comics antihero enjoys robbing banks and being destructive! After leaving Australia to hunt down his biological father in the United States, Captain Boomerang went on a mission. He robbed every bank he came across not leaving a single one untouched. He quickly became a bullseye for The Flash to defeat, but he was relentless.

Boomerang was finally caught and thrown into prison for 54 counts of aggravated assault and 98 counts of burglary. Because of his unwavering criminal acts, Boomerang was recruited for the Suicide Squad. He fought alongside the Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Katana, and other criminals to stop the Enchantress and Incubus so that he could lower his prison time to a lesser sentence. He has a wild and crazy side that loves to burglarize and we don’t see his attitude changing anytime soon.

Captain Boomerang

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