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Best Candy Girl Costume Guide

Candy Girl is a character from the popular action-horror film The Purge: Election Year. The movie is part of a franchise that follows an annual event that lets people commit crimes without punishment for one night. Although not everyone willingly joins in, they still have to find ways to protect themselves from the dangerously crazed.

Candy Girl, played by Brittany Mirabile, is also known as high-schooler Kimmy. After unsuccessfully trying to rob a candy store, Kimmy and her friends return on the night of The Purge to seek revenge. She isn’t exactly what one would call sane and you definitely wouldn’t want to cross paths with her after that night. To get the look of the bloodthirsty Candy Girl you will need a Corset, Bikini Brief, Tutu Skirt, White Stocking, Black Boots, Kiss Me Mask, Toy Gun and Fake Blood.

Candy Girl Cosplay Costumes

The Purge franchise started in 2013 as a single movie. It soon expanded into four movies and a TV show. The idea that one can be let loose to do as they pleased for one night every year was a thrilling concept that glued people to their screens. Such a simple concept that can be expanded into many different storylines is one of the ways in which The Purge franchise has been so successful. The character named Candy Girl seeks revenge in her elegant, and slightly bloody, outfit and is loaded with assault rifles. 

Although we suggest you terrorize the streets, it would still be fun to get some friends together to dress like the Freaks in the first film, or other characters like Skeletor, Big Daddy or Capital A. Don’t forget to share with us how your Candy Girl costume turned out by sending in a couple of photos to our Halloween Costume Contest!

Candy Girl Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the haunting and intense world of “The Purge” with our Candy Girl costume guide FAQ. Candy Girl, a memorable character from the film, embodies the eerie and twisted atmosphere of the Purge night. This guide will assist you in capturing her chilling appearance, combining innocence with horror, as we answer your key questions about creating a convincing Candy Girl look for your next themed event or cosplay.

Candy Girl's outfit is a mix of youthful and sinister elements. It includes a white dress, often with a girlish, frilly design, splattered with fake blood for a gruesome effect. She also wears a mask, a key feature, which is typically white with dark, exaggerated features like large eyes and a creepy smile. The contrast between her innocent clothing and the horror-inspired accessories creates a striking image.

To create Candy Girl's mask, you can purchase a plain white mask and customize it with dark, oversized eyes and a wide, eerie smile using paint or markers. If you choose to forego the mask, replicate the look with face paint, focusing on wide, dark eyes and an unnaturally large smile. Adding fake blood around the mouth can enhance the terrifying effect.

Look for a white, frilly dress that resembles a child's dress or a doll's outfit. The dress should be simple but can have details like lace or ribbons. To add the Purge's signature horror element, splatter the dress with fake blood. This can be done using red fabric paint or theatrical blood for a realistic look.

Besides the mask or face paint, consider adding white tights or stockings, also splattered with fake blood. For footwear, opt for simple white or black shoes, such as Mary Janes, to maintain the childlike appearance. If you want to add more to the costume, consider carrying a weapon prop, like a fake knife or axe, to embody the violent aspect of The Purge.

While Candy Girl herself may not have iconic quotes, you can use phrases that fit the theme of The Purge to enhance your costume. Here are some suggestions: "It's Purge night, let the fun begin.," "All crime is legal for one night.," "Are you ready to play?," "Let's purge and purify." and "Welcome to the night of mayhem." These phrases capture the essence of The Purge's terrifying and lawless atmosphere, making them great additions to a Candy Girl cosplay or costume.

About Candy Girl

Candy Girl is a fictional character that is played by Brittany Mirabile in the movie The Purge: Election Year. The Purge is an annual event that lets people cause mayhem for one night. People register themselves as Purgers and are allowed to commit any crime they wish without being prosecuted. Apparently, this was in the hopes that this would solve crimes, as it let people unload their rage for one night and let them better behave for the rest of the year. 

Candy Girl is first seen as high-schooler Kimmy. She tries to steal candy from a store but gets caught, but doesn’t leave without threatening the owners first. Later that night, once the Purge begins, Kimmy returns to the store with a group of her friends and begins taunting the owner with their assault rifles. Throughout the night Kimmy and her friends cause a lot of chaos and destruction to the store. 

Candy Girl

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