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Candace Flynn Costume Guide
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Round Neck Tank Top
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Best Candace Flynn Costume Guide

One of the three main characters of the Disney’s animated series, Phineas and Ferb, Candace Flynn is the overwhelmed old sister to the title characters. With a classic retro look, she is tons of fun to cosplay. Following our simple guide and with an easy six items, we’ll have you rocking her style in no time at all and affordably.

Begin with Wigs for Women to represent her hair ans we’re already on to her outfit! For her vintage look, we chose a Round Neck Tank Top paired with a Woman’s Casual Mini Skirt. Belted with a Women’s Wide Fashion Belt, there are two more items left to complete her style. End with some comfy Women’s Ballet Flats and a pair of Women’s Ankle Socks.

Candace Flynn Cosplay Costumes

Calling all put upon older sisters! Candace Flynn has a style all her own and one easy and fun to emulate. There are only two colors that make up her look, orange and white, easy peasy! With a look this simple, you or someone you know will most likely have these pieces in their closet at home which leaves very little for purchase!

An orange tank, belt and shows and a white mini skirt and voila, you’ve already completed her costume. As for her ginger hair, if you’re not a natural redhead a wig from a local costume shop will get you squared away. For group cosplay, we naturally suggest brother Phineas and Ferb of course! You can also include boyfriend Jeremy Johnson for couples cosplay fun. Be sure to look at our featured pics for more style ideas. Show us your own looks and submit your own as well!

About Candace Flynn

Candace Flynn is a bit more overwhelmed than most older siblings. With a brother and stepbrother who go out of their way to stir up trouble or as they refer to it, have fun, she is constantly trying to bust them for their outlandish antics. He finds it supremely unfair that they get away with as much as they do and is relentless in her pursuit to get them caught.

When she’s not obsessively trying to stop her brother’s fun, she is spending time with her boyfriend Jeremy Johnson. Even her preoccupation with Phineas and Ferb, Jeremy is always on her mind. With a best friend in Stacy Hirano, her life is like any other teenager’s life with the exception of her crazy siblings. Despite her desire to stop their actions, she loves them and on more than one occasion has been surprised by their love for her as well.

Candace Flynn

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