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Camp Winnipesaukee Costume Guide
Camp Winnipesaukee T-shirt
Twill Cotton Chino Shorts
Yellow Utility Flashlight
Adidas Skate Shoes
Calf High White Sock with Three Stripes

Best Camp Winnipesaukee Halloween Costume Guide

You can catch besties Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake on NBC’s The Tonight Show in many sketches, but a favorite has to be the tweens singing from Camp Winnipesaukee! Don’t sing along with Jimmy and Justin too loud after Lights Out unless you want to get caught by Mr. Fletcher! Oh who cares, it’s worth it! Get the look of the singing bunkmates with this camp Camp Winnipesaukee costume guide.

Cosplay the look of Justin and Jimmy with Calf High White Sock with Three Stripes, Twill Cotton Chino Shorts, Camp Winnipesaukee T-shirt, Adidas Skate Shoes, Yellow Utility Flashlight, and some Sunscreen! Don’t forget to get your favorite 90s songs out to sing!

Camp Winnipesaukee Cosplay Costumes

It’s time for the fourth (yes, we can’t forget Mr. Fletcher) member of Camp Winnipesaukee to dress up! You can cosplay any of the three characters that reoccur on the hilarious sketch from The Tonight Show. Luckily, most of these items can be found at a local thrift store or your own personal collection. Dress in knee-high socks and chino shorts along with the Camp Winnipesaukee shirt online for the look. Don’t forget to bring along a whistle if you’re going as Mr. Fletcher! Easy enough, right?

You can’t have this look without the rest of the crew, so grab a couple of friends and you guys decide which characters you want to be! There’s Jimmy, Justin, or Mr. Fletcher. Send us a picture of your camping costume to be posted in the cosplay gallery when you’ve completed the look!

About Camp Winnipesaukee

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake started the Camp Winnipesaukee sketch in 2015 on NBC’s The Tonight Show and it has been a huge hit ever since! The duo continues to back in time with nostalgic songs of the 90s! Jimmy and Justin have a bromance going on that America can’t get enough of. They continue to promise best friends forever, but somehow they can’t stop their uncontrollable singing!

Mr. Fletcher always busts in to tell the boys, “it’s lights-out and they need to keep it down.” After assuring Mr. Fletcher they’ll be quiet, the two bust out in song again! Mr. Fletcher can’t control them and finally gives up, leaving the boys to have a jam session during their overnight Camp Winnipesaukee slumber parties! Even Jimmy and Justin get a kick out of the sketch because they usually end up giggling at some point during their performances- but—who can really blame them?

Camp Winnipesaukee

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