How to Dress Like Cammy White

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Kelly Green Turtleneck Leotard
Red Wool Beret
Cammy Gauntlets
Extra Long Blonde Braids Wig
Light Green Body Acrylic Paint
Military Lace up Combat Boot

Best Cammy Costume Guide

Even though the original Street Fighter video game became popular in 1987, Cammy White didn’t appear until Street Fighter II was released in 1993. Her character is known as the Killer Bee, probably because she is a fierce fighter but has a sweet personality. Once a deadly assassin working for Shadaloo, Cammy broke free to become an MI6 operative for the British government working specifically in the British special forces team known as Delta Red. Get the look of the second female fighter in Street Fighter franchise with this Cammy White costume guide.

Cosplay Cammy White’s street fighting style with a Kelly Green Turtleneck Leotard, Red Wool Beret, Extra Long Blonde Braids Wig, Military Lace up Combat Boots, Cammy Gauntlets, and Light Green Body Acrylic Paint. Her style stands out just like her combat skills!

Cammy Cosplay Costumes

It’s time to show off your moves with this cosplay! This is how to get Cammy White ‘s sweet and sassy look from the Street Fighter video game franchise! Some of the pieces of this costume can be found in stores, but there are a few that we recommend buying online where you have a wider range to choose from. Her red beret, combat boots, and body paint are all items that can be found in pretty much any store if you don’t already own them! The rest of the items needed for the Cammy cosplay are best to find online since you’re going for just the right look!

While you could definitely rock this costume solo, add an extra punch of fun with a few other characters to make this a group look! Get a couple of friends to dress as Ryu, Guile, Chun-Li, Sagat or any of the other Street Fighter characters! We definitely want to see a picture of your look after you follow this Cammy White cosplay guide!

Cammy Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the dynamic world of Cammy White from the Street Fighter series with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. Here, we’ll address your most pressing questions about embodying this fierce and agile fighter, known for her striking appearance and combat skills.

Cammy White's iconic costume consists of a green leotard, red beret, black combat boots, and red gauntlets. Her outfit is completed with a pair of black thigh-high stockings and a red delta symbol painted on her left cheek.

Cammy is known for her long blonde hair styled into two braided pigtails. To replicate her look, you can either dye and style your hair accordingly or opt for a blonde wig styled into braids. Ensure the braids are tight and secure to maintain her combat-ready appearance.

For Cammy's makeup, focus on a natural, athletic look with an emphasis on the eyes. Use eyeliner and mascara to accentuate your eyes, and don't forget the red delta symbol on your left cheek. A light foundation and a natural lip color will complete the look.

Cammy is known for her athletic and muscular physique, along with a confident and agile stance. To embody her character, focus on maintaining good posture and incorporate some of her iconic poses or martial arts stances into your portrayal.

Including Cammy White's memorable quotes can add authenticity to your costume. Some of her well-known lines are: "Target acquired. Beginning mission now.," "For those who I wish to protect... I will fight you!," "Mission complete!," "Spiral Arrow!" and "Cannon Spike!." These quotes reflect Cammy's determination, combat prowess, and her role as a disciplined fighter, enhancing the overall impact of your costume.

About Cammy

Cammy White is a female character from the Street Fighter gaming series. You know she’s an unforgiving fighter when her nickname is Killer Bee. She is only the second female fighter to appear in the Capcom Street Fighter video game series! She didn’t appear in the series until Street Fighter II. She has since appeared in most other Street Fighter versions that have been released with a few alterations to her character’s style and personality.

Cammy began as an assassin for Shadaloo and subsequently became an MI6 operative for the British government. She utilizes her training from Shadaloo and Delta Red during her fights in the game. Even though she can be brutal when facing her enemies, she is a friendly, respectful, and confident young woman. Cammy White also only fights appropriately, never harming people more than is necessary, but I wouldn’t cross her path with any ill intentions.


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