How to Dress like Calem from Pokemon X and Y

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Mens Black Sunglasses Dark Shades
Solid Castro Cadet Cap
Men's Retro Stripes Blue Track Jacket
Men Fluffy Straight Anime Cosplay Wig
Pokemon Mega-Ring
5.11 Men's Ripstop Navy TDU Pants
Calem Trainer X Messenger Bag
Purple Shoe Laces for Boots
Men's Black Combat Cap Toe Buckle Boot

Best Calem Costume Guide

Get the cosplay costume of Calem, the Pokemon trainer who battles in Pokemon X and Y with his rival female counterpart Serena. Calem is a young man who lives in Vaniville Town that is the child of two prominent Pokemon battlers. Get the look of Calem with a Men’s Retro Stripes Blue Track Jacket, 5.11 Men’s Ripstop Navy TDU Pants, Solid Castro Cadet Cap, Men’s Black Combat Cap Toe Buckle Boot, and Purple Shoe Laces for Boots. Accessorize before going to the nearby PokeStop with a Men Fluffy Straight Anime Cosplay Wig, Solid Castro Cadet Cap, Mens Black Sunglasses Dark Shades, Pokemon Mega-Ring, and a Calem Trainer X Messenger Bag.

Calem Cosplay Costumes

It’s time for you to finally become a Pokemon Trainer but which one is the right one for you? Well, if you’re interested in Pokemon X and Y, you’ll probably want to go with none other than Calem for your costume! Find a friend to dress up as your rival female counterpart, Serena and get ready for an epic Pokemon battle. If somehow you do have an actual Pokemon battle, we totally want to see evidence of that but if not? We’d still love to see photos of your costume to feature on our site!

What you’ll need for this trainer costume is black sunglasses, a solid Castro cadet cap, a retro stripe blue track jacket, a straight brunette anime wig that happens to be a bit fluffy, a Pokemon mega-ring, blue TDU pants, a Calem trainer X messenger bag and finally shoelaces to put in a pair of black combat cap toe buckle boots.

Calem Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a Pokémon adventure through the Kalos region with our detailed costume guide FAQ for Calem, the male protagonist from Pokémon X and Y. This guide will help you replicate Calem’s stylish and practical outfit, perfect for aspiring Pokémon trainers looking to capture the essence of this popular character.

Calem's outfit is a blend of style and functionality, reflecting his role as a Pokémon trainer. Key components include a black and red hat with a white brim, a white collared shirt with a black sleeveless sweater, dark slim-fit pants, and red and black sneakers. He also wears a pair of fingerless gloves, essential for any Pokémon trainer.

To recreate Calem's look, start with a black and red baseball cap, adding a white brim if it doesn't already have one. You can use fabric paint or white tape for this. For the top, wear a white collared shirt and layer a black sleeveless sweater over it. Ensure the sweater is snug and form-fitting.

Calem wears dark, slim-fit pants – jeans or cargo pants would work well. The key is to keep the look sleek and practical. For shoes, choose red and black sneakers, preferably with a sporty design, to match his energetic and active character.

Calem's fingerless gloves are a must-have accessory. Opt for black or dark gray gloves. Additionally, carrying a Poké Ball prop or a Pokémon plush can add an authentic touch to your Calem costume, enhancing the Pokémon trainer vibe.

While Calem doesn't have specific catchphrases, embodying the spirit of a Pokémon Trainer is key. Phrases like "I choose you!" or "Let's battle!" capture the essence of a Pokémon Trainer. You can also mimic Pokémon battle stances or pretend to throw a Poké Ball to bring your cosplay to life.

About Calem

If you’ve played the Pokemon X and Y games, you’ll happen to know that Calem is the male protagonist of the game but will also be the rival if you happen to choose the female character, Serena. If you play as Salem as well, you have the chance to earn the title of Grand Duke by defeating most of the trainers in the Battle Chateau and it is the only time the title class, Grand Duke, will appear in the game.

If you choose to play as Calem, you get a bit of backstory to who he is as a character. He lives in Vaniville Town with his mother and a few of his friends such as Serena, Trevor, Tierno and Shauna. Calem’s mother also happens to own a Rhyhorn and Fletchling. Her Fletchling is what actually wakes you up during the start of the game. If you don’t choose to be Calem, he instead becomes your own and you learn more of his backstory slowly throughout the game.


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