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Best Cable Costume Guide

Cable has been a long-time member of the X-Men world in comic form, but 2018 saw him come to life on the big screen as the villain in Deadpool 2. Actor Josh Brolin plays him in the film which sees the character take on a winding story arc. Cable’s real name is Nathan Summers. While he isn’t necessarily a bad guy, Cable is seen as the one causing trouble in the film. He is a time-traveling soldier, member of the X-Men, and the son of X-Men members Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor.

Josh Brolin’s version of Cable will appear in at least three more X-Men films after Deadpool 2, so we can expect to see a lot more of this conflicted warrior.  If you’d love to become the time-traveling soldier from the future, you’ll need a Cable Costume, Combat Boots, Pistol, Teddy Bear, White Contact Lenses and Travel Watch.

Cable Cosplay Costumes

Josh Brolin is popping up everywhere in superhero movies lately, with his portrayal of Cable coming at the same time as he became another conflicted anti-hero, Thanos in The Avengers: Infinity War. With the huge popularity of the Ryan Reynolds-led Deadpool series, chances are you are going to very easily recognized if you decide to try out this awesome Cable costume.

In Deadpool, Cable shows that he means business, risking everything to travel through time and kill the child who would grow up to kill his wife and daughter. Will you do whatever it takes to make sure you’ve got the best costume at the next event you attend? You may like to work alone just like Cable, but in the same way, he realized he needed the X-Force, you may need to get some friends to join you. Help them and check out our big range of Deadpool companion costumes such as Deadpool, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Colossus, Angel Dust, Peter W., and Domino.

Cable Costume Tips & FAQs

Prepare to step into the world of X-Men as the formidable Cable, a character known for his complex backstory and unique appearance. This costume guide FAQ will assist you in crafting an authentic look that captures Cable’s gritty, futuristic warrior persona, complete with his signature cybernetic traits and tactical gear.

Cable's costume is characterized by its rugged, militaristic feel. Essential elements include a tactical vest, cargo pants, combat boots, and a variety of pouches and belts for ammunition and gadgets. Cable is also known for his distinctive cybernetic arm, which is a crucial aspect of his appearance. Additionally, he often wears a long coat or cape, depending on the adaptation.

To replicate Cable's cybernetic arm, you can use materials like metallic paint, foam, or lightweight plastic to create a sleeve or gauntlet that resembles mechanical parts. Detailing with wires, tubes, and metallic textures will enhance the cybernetic effect. Remember, Cable's left arm is the one that's cybernetic.

Cable is often depicted with futuristic firearms and tactical gear. You can include prop weapons like oversized guns or rifles, painted to look futuristic. Additionally, utility belts, holsters, and ammo pouches will add to the authenticity of the costume.

Cable is typically shown with short, graying hair, and a scarred eye with a glowing effect. For the hair, you can use temporary hair color to achieve the graying look. The scarred eye, often glowing, can be represented with makeup or a special effects contact lens, but always prioritize safety and comfort with eye effects.

To truly embody Cable, consider using some of his iconic quotes or poses: "The day I stop fighting for my beliefs is the day I'm dead.," "I've seen the future. Trust me, I've fought in it.," Adopting a battle-ready stance with a prop firearm, Displaying a protective and leadership-driven attitude, as seen in his interactions with other X-Men characters. Recreating the intense focus and determination that Cable is known for in critical moments. These elements capture Cable's essence as a battle-hardened warrior and a strategist, making them ideal for an impactful portrayal.

About Cable

Cable, whose real name is Nathan Summers has an extremely complicated backstory involving time travel. However, the main thing is he is the son of X-Men members Cyclops and Madelyne Prior (who is Jean Grey’s clone). He is a soldier who has the ability to travel through time, and he attempts to use this ability for his own needs in Deadpool 2. In a possible future, his wife and daughter are killed by a mutant named Russell Collins, so he travels back to when Russell is just a boy with a plan to murder him.

Deadpool wants to stop him, but when a confused and very powerful Russell joins forces with the even more powerful Juggernaut, Cable and Deadpool must join forces. Even so, Cable attempts to kill Russell, despite Deadpool’s protests that the boy can be saved from becoming a murderer. Deadpool takes the bullet meant for Russell, forcing the boy to swear off criminal activity forever, and Cable responds by going back in time to stop himself from shooting Deadpool.


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