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Blue Suit
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White Dress Shirt
Brown Belt
Red Bow Tie
Brown Dress Shoes

Best Buster Moon Costume Guide

It’s not every day you run into an anthropomorphic koala bear in his mid 30’s that can croon like Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, dresses impeccably sharp, and is a real dandy. But, that’s Buster Moon who is the main attraction in the animated movie, Sing. The proud owner of a theater that’s seen better days, Buster concocts a plan to restore the theater back to its former days of glory by organizing a singing competition to raise the needed funds. Although with much-ensuing mayhem, things go south quickly. Get the look of the optimistic crooner with this Buster Moon costume guide.

Seize the mic, take center stage, and strike up an evergreen jazz ballad cosplaying the incorrigible Buster Moon. Dress up in a Koala Latex Mask, White Dress Shirt, Red Bow Tie, Blue Suit, Brown Belt, Brown Dress Shoes,  and Gray Paw Gloves. Imagine the hysteria you can stir up in this slick Buster Moon outfit that’ll be sure to rock any Cosplay convention hall!

Buster Moon Cosplay Costumes

You and your friends can take to the stage and choose the Sing character of your dreams at the next big Cosplay convention. Your troupe can strut their stuff as Buster Moon’s cohorts will fellow singing participants Ash, Gunter, Johnny, Mike, Rozita, and Meena. Or get Nana Noodleman look, the elegant diva who was one of the early inspirations in Buster’s life, to tag along with Buster. You and your friends can become the crazy motley crew from Sing that’ll will have everyone cracking up!

Take full inspiration from the animated film, Sing, by dressing up with Buster Moon’s exact look. Aside from the standard navy blue suit and red bow tie, you’ll need to get a koala mask and gray fur paw gloves before taking the mic at center stage for your performance.

Buster Moon Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the spotlight with our Buster Moon costume guide FAQ, inspired by the animated film “Sing.” As the enthusiastic and ever-optimistic koala theater owner, Buster Moon’s costume is perfect for fans of the movie or anyone looking to capture the essence of this lovable character. This guide will help you recreate Buster’s distinctive look, focusing on his dapper attire and charming personality, ensuring your portrayal is as entertaining as it is accurate.

Buster Moon's outfit reflects his role as a classic showman. It includes a white dress shirt, a red bow tie, light grey trousers, and a dark grey or blue suit jacket. He also wears a light-colored fedora, adding to his dapper appearance. As a koala, he has grey fur, large round ears, and a distinctive black nose, which are important to replicate his look.

To replicate Buster's koala features, consider using face paint to create a grey fur effect and a black nose. You can also use a headband with attached koala ears. If you're skilled in makeup, adding details like his bright, expressive eyes will enhance the koala aspect of the costume.

For Buster Moon's clothing, choose a crisp white dress shirt and a bright red bow tie. Pair these with light grey trousers and a dark grey or blue suit jacket. The clothes should be well-fitted and neat, reflecting Buster's meticulous and professional appearance.

A key accessory for a Buster Moon costume is his light-colored fedora, which adds to his showman persona. Additionally, you might carry a microphone or a clipboard to represent his role as a theater director and talent show host.

Buster Moon is known for his inspirational and optimistic quotes. Some memorable lines include: "You know what's great about hitting rock bottom? There's only one way left to go, and that's up!," "The show must go on!," "Dreams do come true.," "Welcome to the Moon Theater!" and "All creatures great and small, welcome to the auditions!" Incorporating these quotes can bring an extra layer of energy and positivity to your portrayal, capturing the essence of Buster Moon's inspirational character.

About Buster Moon

The blockbuster animated movie, Sing, showcases a truly remarkable character, an anthropomorphic koala bear, who is definitely not your run-of-the-mill character. Meet Buster Moon, the theater owner, show producer, schuyster (not by choice), and singer extraordinaire! Moon is an incurable optimist who doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit. His passion for showbiz is insatiable as witnessed by his die-hard refusal to throw in the towel when his initial plans to restore an old theater didn’t go as planned.

Buster’s love for theater began at just six-years-old having attended his first performance. It was an experience the young Buster would never forget. That was when he vowed that he would one day have his own theater and be in showbiz. With the help of his father who toiled endlessly at his carwash, Buster Moon was able to fulfill his ambition and get the theater he’d always dreamed of owning.

Buster Moon

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