How to Dress Like Bulma

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Hair Cosplay Short Wig
Sheer Chiffon Scarf
Slim Fit Tank Dress
Sterling Silver Round Hoop Earrings
Gold Bangle Bracelet
Women's Fashion Slouch Socks
Women's Canvas Lace Up Sneakers

Best Bulma Costume Guide

By far the most consequential female character in the Dragon Ball manga series, Bulma is the unrivaled longest-running character in the whole meta-series. Not only is she a legend, but she’s also got an incredibly appealing style that would be fun to cosplay. Using our guide, we can have you rocking Bulma’s look in no time flat.

We begin on top with a Hair Cosplay Short Wig with a Sheer Chiffon Scarf tied securely around your neck. Slip into a Slim Fit Tank Dress and accessorize with Sterling Silver Round Hoop Earrings and a Gold Bangle Bracelet. Finish with a pair of Women’s Fashion Slouch Socks inside a pair of Women’s Canvas Lace Up Sneakers.

Bulma Cosplay Costumes

Beautiful and brilliant Bulma has been seen in more than just the look we referenced above. She’s also worn a cropped white t-shirt with a red neck scarf and a snug pair of jeans as well as, the popular bunny costume. If you’re searching for a more recognizable look, we highly recommend her pink dress with her name written across the front. Serious fans will add her red bow and purple socks with a pair of teal sneakers.

In truth, Dragon Ball character Bulma would be recognizable in any sexy outfit as long as you represented her short baby blue hair, which is key. If you’re a part of a group, we first recommend adding husband, Vegeta, for some couples cosplay. Other popular characters from this long-running series such as Nova Shenron, Gotenks or Kid Buu and Goku are a few worthy suggestions. Make sure you check out our featured pics for more style ideas and also send in your own!

Bulma Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the adventurous world of Bulma from “Dragon Ball” with our informative costume guide FAQ. Get ready to embody the intelligence and style of one of the most iconic female characters in anime as we answer your most common questions about recreating Bulma’s diverse and memorable looks, perfect for any cosplay event.

Bulma is known for her wide range of outfits. Some of her most iconic include her pink dress with her name on it, the blue and white outfit with a red scarf and yellow socks, and her Namek saga outfit with a yellow tunic and blue pants. You can recreate these by finding similar clothing items or making them from scratch with colored fabrics.

Bulma's hair is usually teal or turquoise and styles vary from a pixie cut to long hair with a ponytail. You can use a wig in the appropriate style and color, or if your hair matches, style it according to her look in a specific "Dragon Ball" series.

Bulma often wears a variety of accessories depending on her outfit. Common items include her red hair bow, earrings, gloves, a dragon radar, and sometimes a gun. These can be easily found online or in costume stores, or you can make them using craft materials.

Bulma's makeup is generally natural and simple. Focus on a clean, bright complexion, with subtle eye makeup and a light lip color. You may want to emphasize your eyes slightly more to mimic the anime style.

Including Bulma's quotes can add an extra layer of authenticity to your costume. Some notable quotes are: "I'm Bulma, and I'm a genius.," "I'll have this fixed in no time!," "Let's go find those Dragon Balls!," "You may be a prince, but I'm the daughter of the Capsule Corporation's founder!" and "Why do I always end up babysitting these clowns?." These quotes showcase Bulma's confident, intelligent personality and her pivotal role in the "Dragon Ball" series.

About Bulma

The daughter of Capsule Corporation founder, Dr. Briefs and wife Panchy, Bulma is a talented scientist. She is an engineer in addition to being an inventor. Though not physically imposing, her inventions play a key role in combat, and several battles have been won due to her superior genius. However, being smart doesn’t make you a nice person. Bulma is vain and spoiled, and her beauty gives her a selfish sense of entitlement.

Bulma is married to Vegeta and is the temperamental mother of Bulla and Trunks. Very much like a child, she often lashes out at those around her when things don’t go her way. She is obsessive about her hygiene and bitterly complains when prevented from soaking in a bath or replenishing her beauty accouterments. Her persistence is a blessing and a curse, and on a good day, she will use it to achieve her goals. Despite her selfishness, she can be kind and helpful to others and with her family, she is outgoing and funny.


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