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Disguise Bubbles Eye Child Accessory
Cosplay Wigs with two Ponytails
Sleeveless Belted Pleated Ponte Skater Dress
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Calvin Klein Linen Stretch Belt
Nylon Knee High Stockings
Double Strap With Buckle Dress Shoe

Best Bubbles Costume Guide

Dress up as Bubbles, “the cute one,” from cartoon TV series The Powerpuff Girls on Cartoon Network. With a cute and bubbly personality, Bubbles is always dressed in her signature color Light Blue. Join up with your sisters Buttercup and Blossom in the fight with Cosplay Wigs with two Ponytails, Sleeveless Belted Pleated Ponte Skater Dress, Nylon Knee High Stockings, Calvin Klein Linen Stretch Belt, and Double Strap With Buckle Dress Shoe. Get Bubbles true cosplay look with Disguise Bubbles Eye Child Accessory and Elastic Ponytail Holders.

Bubbles Cosplay Costumes

The sweetest and softest member of the Powerpuff Girls, Bubbles is the third member of the group. Bubbles have a big heart and she always looks out for others and will do what’s in the best interest of other’s well being. If you’re interested in dressing up as Bubbles this year, find a few other friends willing to dress as Blossom and Buttercup and perhaps even the Professor to have an awesome group costume that you can show off. We’d love to see what you come up with and feature your costume on our site to send in a few of your photos!

What you’ll need to get together for a perfect Bubbles costume is Bubbles eye accessories, a blonde wig with pigtails, a blue sleeveless dress, a black stretch belt, elastic ponytail holders, knee-high stockings, and a pair of buckle dress shoes to complete the look.

Bubbles Costume Tips & FAQs

Explore the charming and bubbly world of Bubbles from “The Powerpuff Girls” with our engaging costume guide FAQ. Embrace your inner joy and sweetness as we guide you through creating the ideal outfit to embody the most adorable and cheerful member of the Powerpuff trio.

To capture Bubbles' iconic look, you'll need a sky blue A-line dress with a black stripe across the middle, white tights, and black Mary Jane shoes. The essential finishing touch is her cute, blonde pigtails, which perfectly encapsulate her playful and innocent personality.

Bubbles' eyes are large, round, and full of innocence, characterized by two tiny white dots for highlights. Achieve this look using oversized, round sunglasses with white lenses and black dots for pupils, or apply face paint to mimic this distinctive eye appearance.

Choose a lightweight and soft fabric like cotton or polyester for Bubbles' dress, ensuring comfort and ease of movement. Pick a bright sky blue fabric and add a black fabric strip or ribbon around the waist to replicate her iconic dress design.

Bubbles is known for her sweet and gentle nature, with minimal accessories. Pay attention to the shade of blue for the dress and the proportion of the black stripe. A key accessory is her hair styled into two neat pigtails, often with small blue hair bands to match her dress.

Bubbles is beloved for her cute and caring demeanor. Here are some memorable quotes to bring your costume to life: "Yay! It's time to play!," "Don't worry, I can handle this!," "I love animals, especially kittens and puppies!," "Oh no, not the cute ones!" and "Laughter is the best medicine!." These quotes capture Bubbles' playful, kind-hearted spirit, perfect for adding an extra layer of charm to your portrayal.

About Bubbles

Bubbles is the sweetest member of the Powerpuff Girls and she’s always looking out for others especially in the dangers of fighting. She’s got a soft heart and hates to be violent or rough when it’s not called for. She also hates fighting with her sisters and will always go out of her way to avoid if possible. While Bubbles may be a sweet girl, don’t mistake her for a pushover at all. She has proven time and time again that she can’t take on the evil villains all by herself. She knows how to fight and if someone is getting in her way, she won’t hesitate to fight them. She’s incredibly protective of her family have and if you happen to threaten them or cause any type of harm, Bubbles’s wrath will come out and she’ll have it out for you without a doubt.


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