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Muscle Man Shirt
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Best Brutus Costume Guide

Brutus made his first appearance in the Popeye series in 1960 even though Popeye’s original enemy Bluto was around way before that. This was back when the comic books were the only way to catch Popeye and the gang! Brutus and Bluto were both big and tough guys, but they never really stood a chance against the one and only Popeye the Sailor Man!

Get the look of the bully Brutus with a Muscle Man Shirt, a Navy Blue Yacht Captain Hat, a set of Gnarly Teeth, a Short-Sleeve Jersey Polo, Web Belt, Flat Front Pants, Men’s Pier Boots, a Short Boxed Beard, and a Standard Spinach Can Koozie.

Brutus Cosplay Costumes

Grab your friends who are dressing up as Popeye the Sailor Man and Olive Oyl and get your costume together to create a group cosplay! You can dress as Brutus and the crew will be complete! Don’t worry, you can find all the pieces and how to put them together to get a look just like Brutus. Let’s get started putting these pieces together to create one awesome costume!

Start out with a fake muscle shirt to really give you that buff look of Brutus! Then put on a polo shirt that fits pretty tight. Throw on a navy blue yacht hat to give off the sailor vibe and a pair of flat front pants with a web belt. Slip on a pair of men’s pier boots and grab a set of gnarly teeth because Brutus doesn’t exactly have the prettiest smile! Now you can put on that oh-so-Brutus box beard! Don’t forget a spinach can or a spinach can koozie to go over your drink. Now, you’re all set to join Popeye and Olive Oyl for some fun cosplay! Submit a picture and check out the other Popeye related cosplay!

Brutus Costume Tips & FAQs

Set sail into the world of Popeye with our costume guide FAQ for Brutus, the burly and often antagonistic character from the beloved series. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the adventures of Popeye, this guide will help you capture Brutus’s distinctive look and larger-than-life presence, making your portrayal both authentic and memorable.

Brutus, known for his imposing figure, typically wears a black sailor shirt with a red collar, blue pants, and a yellow belt with a large buckle. He also sports a sailor's hat, which is often black with a yellow stripe. The outfit is completed with large, brown work boots. Remember, Brutus's clothes should appear somewhat tight-fitting to emphasize his muscular build.

Brutus has a distinct, rough look with a short, dark beard and a buzz cut hairstyle. If you don't have a similar hair type, consider using a short, dark wig and a fake beard. The key is to keep the hair and beard looking rugged and unrefined, in line with Brutus's tough persona.

To add authenticity to your Brutus costume, consider including a corn cob pipe, which is a signature accessory for many characters in the Popeye series. Additionally, wearing exaggerated, muscular arm sleeves can help mimic Brutus's hefty physique, especially if they’re accentuated with anchor tattoos to stick to the nautical theme.

For Brutus's shoes, opt for large, brown work boots. These should be bulky and give the impression of strength and sturdiness. If you can't find suitable boots, you can modify a pair of existing boots with brown fabric or paint to achieve the desired look.

While Brutus is more known for his actions than his words, you can use some general seafaring or antagonistic phrases to bring his character to life, such as: "I'll get you this time, Popeye!," "You can't beat Brutus!," "Make way for a real sailor!," "This spinach can't save you now, Popeye!" and "Brutus is here to take the day!." These phrases capture the essence of Brutus's rivalry with Popeye and his self-assured, brawny nature, adding depth to your portrayal.

About Brutus

We all love Popeye the Sailor Man, but where Popeye goes his enemies follow! Popeye’s original nemesis was the big, burly, Bluto! For years the two didn’t agree on anything and even tangled up a few times, but later in the comics and in the Popeye cartoons, a new nemesis showed up—Brutus. He was the new guy on the block, but he sure seemed awfully familiar

Brutus and Bluto never appeared at the same time in the adventures of Popeye (until the later years), so there was some confusion on how one left and the other showed up. The writers later gave the explanation that the two were twins, and that Bluto was actually the evil one out of the two—even though Brutus wasn’t the nicest guy either! Whichever character decided to show up, we loved them both as enemies, but always knew Popeye could take either one who wanted to stand up against him!


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