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Best Britannica Costume Guide

Britannica, real name Rhonda Richardson, is a character on the wildly popular Netflix drama GLOW, which is based on the Glamorous Ladies of Wrestling circuit which existed in the 1980’s. Played by actor Kate Nash, Britannica got her name from her love of literature. She is also a print model from Great Britain. Before being plucked for stardom in the GLOW franchise, she was homeless, living in a car, and begging for money to get by. Get the look of the up and coming female wrestler with this Britannica costume guide.

You can get the look of this sassy British wrestling starlet with a Women’s Tank Top, Eyeglasses Vintage Style, Plaid Romper Skirt, Costume Hair Wig, Knee High Socks, Hair Band Ties, and Women’s Saddle Oxford.

Britannica Cosplay Costumes

GLOW has been an incredible hit for Netflix–the fictionalized story of a professional women’s wrestling circuit from the 80’s, the Glamorous Ladies Of Wrestling. While Rhonda “Britannica” Richardson may not be considered one of the main characters, she is extremely popular with fans of the show and even featured heavily in the season 2 finale.

With incredible costumes featured throughout the show, you can always get some friends together and cosplay other popular GLOW characters like Junkchain, Zoya the Destroyer, Liberty Belle, or Machu Picchu! The wrestling theme and amazing outfits make this the perfect all-girl dress up. Just kidding–we’re sure some of you guys out there would look smashing as the girls from GLOW too!

Britannica Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the ring with our Britannica costume guide FAQ, inspired by the character from the Netflix series “GLOW” (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). This guide will help you recreate the look of Britannica, the wrestling persona known for her intelligence and quirky British charm. Perfect for fans of the show, this costume captures the essence of the 80s wrestling style mixed with a touch of academic flair.

Britannica's wrestling outfit is a blend of athleticism and academic-themed flair, reflecting her character as the "smartest woman in the world." Key elements include a leotard, often in a bright color like blue or green, adorned with academic motifs such as stars, planets, or books. She also wears knee-high boots, typically in a color that matches her leotard. To complete her look, Britannica often has her hair styled in an 80s fashion, sometimes with a headband, and wears bold, colorful makeup.

Look for a bright-colored leotard as the base of your costume. You can add academic motifs using fabric paint or iron-on patches. If you're skilled in sewing, you can create these decorations from scratch. Choose motifs like stars, planets, or books to stick with her intelligent character theme.

Britannica wears knee-high boots that match the color of her leotard. Look for boots that are comfortable enough for movement, as they need to fit the athletic nature of her wrestling character. The boots can be shiny or matte, depending on the style you prefer and what matches your leotard.

To complete the Britannica look, consider adding a pair of large, round glasses to emphasize her smart persona. You might also wear a headband, especially one that matches your leotard. For makeup, go for a bold and colorful 80s style, with bright eyeshadow and lipstick.

Including quotes or mannerisms from Britannica can bring depth to your portrayal. Some ideas include: Adopting a British accent, as Britannica is portrayed with this accent in the show, Using intellectual or scientific language in conversation and Quoting Britannica's lines from the show, such as "In the ring, I'm Britannica, the brains of the operation." These elements capture Britannica's unique blend of intelligence and wrestling showmanship, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your costume.

About Britannica

Britannica is the wrestling persona of British print model Rhonda Richardson in the hit Netflix series, GLOW. Her attempts to make it big in America didn’t work out. She is first introduced in the show as homeless, living in a car, and relying on men to give her money in the glitzy Santa Monica area. Her persona is characterized by her love of books, and of course, the fact she hails from Great Britain.

She eventually takes the role of the intellectual wrestler. Her trademark look is part wrestler, part librarian. She runs into trouble throughout the show because she is working illegally in the United States. After being refused a work visa, she is faced with the choice of returning home to her drunk parents in England or marrying in the US in order to stay. This forms a big part of the season 2 season finale–we won’t spoil the surprise!


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