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Brian, from the 1998 comedy Half Baked, lives in New York City with good friend Thurgood Jenkins, played by Dave Chapelle. Both enjoy getting high and smoking marijuana. Known for wearing tie-dye from head to toe, Brian is a stereotypical stoner who is better known for requesting an epic list of snacks to satisfy his munchies. Always laid-back, Brian is a stoner-hippie who stays calm in times of stress, and even comes up with overwhelmingly creative stories to find meaning in unexplained situations. Throughout the movie, Brian and his friends must evade cops and drug lords as they get into the drug-dealing business to bail their friend Kenny out of jail.

Get the look of the hippie stoner with this Brian from Half Baked costume guide. Cosplay Brian’s hippie look by wearing a Tie-Dye T-Shirt with a pair of Blue Jeans. Add to the look with Tie-Dye Socks, Brown Sandals, a Yin Yang Necklace, and Black Bracelet. Finally, finish the look with a Colorful Fanny Pack.

Brian Cosplay Costumes

With a love of smoking, Brian is a stereotypical hippie-stoner who wears tons of tie-dye and talks like a Californian who says things like “far out, man.” Because of his marijuana habit, Brian always stays calm despite getting fired from his job at the record shop. Instead of freaking out, he excitedly asks who is going to leave with him and surprisingly convinces Jan to come along with him.

Cosplay Brian’s look from the stoner film Half Baked with a tie-dye T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Put on some tie-dye socks paired with brown sandals and accessorize with a yin yang necklace and black bracelet. Finally, finish off Brian’s look by adding a colorful rainbow fanny pack. Don’t walk the streets of New York City yourself! Make an entrance with your friends as you cosplay Brian and his stoner buddies Scarface, Kenny, and Thurgood. With costumes this good, you’ll be laughing with your friends all night long!

Brian Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the comical and laid-back universe of “Half Baked” with our Brian costume guide FAQ. Channel the spirit of this iconic character, played by Jim Breuer, as we guide you through the essentials for creating a perfect Brian look, capturing the essence of his easygoing and humorous personality.

Brian's outfit in "Half Baked" is emblematic of a relaxed, somewhat disheveled stoner. His wardrobe typically includes oversized graphic t-shirts or band shirts, baggy jeans or cargo pants, and a casual open shirt or hoodie. Comfortable sneakers or sandals complete his laid-back attire. The goal is to achieve a look that's effortlessly casual and a bit unkempt.

Brian has a distinctive hairstyle characterized by long, slightly unkempt hair, often pushed back or hanging loosely. To replicate this, let your hair grow out a bit or use a wig that mimics this style. Brian usually sports a clean-shaven face, so aim for a clean or slightly stubbled look.

For Brian's t-shirts, choose oversized options with bold graphics, band logos, or funny prints that reflect his laid-back and humorous nature. Pair these with an unbuttoned flannel shirt or a loose-fitting hoodie to capture his casual and carefree style.

To enhance your Brian costume, consider accessories like a beanie or a backwards baseball cap, and a pair of round or oval-shaped sunglasses. As a prop, you could carry a bag of chips or a mock-up of a giant joint, referencing his love for snacks and marijuana. Remember to use props that are legal and appropriate for your setting.

Adding some of Brian's memorable quotes can bring authenticity and humor to your portrayal. Some fun lines include: "You ever see the back of a twenty-dollar bill... on weed?," "I be from Jamaica, mon. Lord have mercy." and "That's some heavy shit, man." These quotes capture Brian's quirky and comical nature, making your costume not just visually appealing but also a true representation of his character.

About Brian

Brian lives the good life in New York City, he works a stress-free job at a local record shop and spends his time hanging out with his friends, smoking marijuana and eating snacks. His love for marijuana began when he was about thirteen-years-old when he and his friends experimented with a joint in the alley of NYC. Later in life, Brian and his friends find themselves becoming some of the most successful drug-dealers in the area, purely by accident. In an attempt to bail their friend Kenny out of jail, Thurgood, Brian’s friend, must steal medicinal marijuana from his job at the medical laboratory. The friends then become enemies of the local drug lords. Throughout even the most stressful situations, Brian keeps his cool and attempts to talk his way out of danger.

Released in 1998, Half Baked was considered a box-office failure; however, years later the movie has gained popularity, making it a stoner cult classic. With cameos by Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Bob Saget, and Tracey Morgan, the film has proven successful despite the initial negative reviews.


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