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Best Bret Hart Costume Guide

Bret Hart is a retired professional wrestler well known during his time in WWE. You could say he was born into it, being the child of the famous Canadian wrestler Stu Hart. He got to watch his father train future wrestlers and also helped hand out fliers to local wrestling shows as a child. Hart was a talented amateur wrestler from a young age, and he won many championships while in high school. 

Bret Hart is known for being one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the WWE. He was quick on his feet and could pick out his opponent’s weaknesses within moments. He retired in 2002 due to a stroke, but that didn’t stop him from returning in 2010. For the look of the Hitman Bret Hart, you’re going to need a Bret Hart Costume, Bret Hart Leather Jacket, White Wrestling Shoes, Championship Belt, and Sports Tape.

Bret Hart Cosplay Costumes

Bret Hart is a seven-time world champion and a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. When he first joined the WWE, he was offered a cowboy outfit to wear. Hart outright refused. His outfit is one that doesn’t shy away from the crowd. He dressed up in a leather jacket and a pair of dark sunglasses that he typically gave to a kid in the crowd on his way to the ring.

Once the match began he could be seen in his iconic neon pink tights and a low hanging singlet with a heart on it. Don’t be fooled by the cutesy pink though because he will knock down his opponent before they even know what hit them. Once you have your outfit together, you should call some friends to make it appear like a WWE match! Have them come as other wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Roddy Piper, The Rock, or Hulk Hogan. Don’t forget to send us a photo too!

Bret Hart Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the ring with our FAQ guide on dressing up as Bret Hart, the legendary professional wrestler known as “The Hitman”. This guide will assist you in capturing the iconic look of Bret Hart, one of wrestling’s most charismatic and skilled performers.

Bret Hart's wrestling gear is famous for its distinctive pink and black color scheme. Key elements include pink tights with black accents, a black singlet top, pink elbow pads, and black and pink wrestling boots. His look is completed with a long black leather jacket, often embellished with his logo and tassels.

Bret Hart is known for his long, straight black hair, often worn loose during his matches. Achieving a similar look might involve growing your hair out or using a long black wig, with a slightly wet, slicked-back appearance to mimic his in-ring style.

A key accessory for a Bret Hart costume is his iconic pink and black wraparound sunglasses. Additionally, he often wore fingerless gloves and carried a championship belt to signify his status as a top wrestler. Props like a replica championship belt can add authenticity to your costume.

Bret Hart had a confident and cool demeanor. His signature pose includes crossing his arms and looking sternly towards the camera, often with his sunglasses on. He was also known for his technical wrestling style, so mimicking a wrestling stance can be a fun addition.

Incorporating Bret Hart's memorable quotes can bring an extra layer of character to your costume. Some notable quotes include: "The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.," "I'm the excellence of execution.," "I do this better than anybody in the world.," "I'm not a superhero; I'm a wrestler." and "I've survived everything I've had to and I've come out on top." These quotes capture Bret Hart's confidence, skill, and resilience, making them perfect for embodying his wrestling persona.

About Bret Hart

Bret Hart was born in Alberta, Canada, as the eighth child of the well-known wrestler Stu Hart. Growing up he spent time with his dad in the wrestling world and quickly picked up the skill himself. He began training at age nine and by the time he joined his amateur wrestling team in high school, he was well established in the sport.

When he joined the WWF, Hart was teamed with his brother-in-law Jim Neidhart. After some time, he found he wanted to go at it alone. Anyone who doubted that Hart could make it alone was soon silenced when they saw how clever he was in a match. Hart could find an opponent’s weakness pretty quickly. He also mixed and matched moves that not many people had seen. With each match, Hart became increasingly confident in his abilities. Eventually, he made a legacy of himself. Unfortunately, Hart was forced to retire in 2002 because of several injuries and a stroke. 

Bret Hart

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