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Braveheart Costume Guide
Blue Face Paint
Long Brown Curly Hair
Brown Forearm Leather Armour
Viking Shield
William Wallace's Sword
Viking Leather Armour
Red Flannel Fabric
Viking Boots

Best Braveheart Halloween Costume Guide

William Wallace, portrayed by Mel Gibson, is the main character in the 1995 film Braveheart and is perhaps one of the greatest roles of his career! As a late 13th-century Scottish warrior, Wallace led the Scots in the First War of Scottish Independence against King Edward I of England. Surviving the deaths of his father and brother, William Wallace attempts to free Scotland from the control of England but is later tried and beheaded for treason. Get the look of the Scottish warrior and leader with this Braveheart costume guide.

William Wallace’s cosplay is such an iconic look that anyone will recognize it in an instant! Get yourself the complete Braveheart costume with some Viking style pieces like the Viking Leather Armour, Brown Forearm Leather Armour, and a pair of Viking Boots. Layer on Red Flannel Fabric over the leather pieces as well as a Long Brown Curly Wig. William’s most favored look from Braveheart features him wearing Blue Face Paint during war, so you will want to wear that as well. Complete the look with a William Wallace Sword and a Viking Shield!

Braveheart Cosplay Costumes

Since William Wallace in Braveheart is one of Mel Gibson’s most popular roles, you can easily find all of the costume items online! Of course, you can always track down your own flannel fabric, leather pieces, and boots to make your own costume, but we recommend visiting a costume shop or looking online for all the Viking pieces. The blue face paint and long, brown wig will be easy to find in a local costume shop as both are key items to complete this memorable costume.

Even though William Wallace was a feared man, he wouldn’t have been able to defeat all of the English men without some help from his Scottish comrades! Bring along your own friends to join you dressed as Hamish and Robert the Bruce! Now that you have a group cosplay to put together, send us a picture of the group to feature your Scottish style in the cosplay gallery!

About Braveheart

Braveheart is the story of a 13th-century Scottish hero, William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson. Since William was a young boy, he watched his father and brother do everything they could to make Scotland a free country. After he watches most of his family die in their efforts, William knows it is now his duty to take over in fighting against King Edward I and England for his homeland.

William assembles all of his Scottish comrades to fight against the English. Even though many in his army aren’t trained warriors, they are much more dedicated and willing to die for their homeland than the English. William was willing to go above and beyond for his country, Scotland. When he suffered a loss he wasn’t ready for, he made a promise to himself to take down King Edward I and his military. The English were not ready for the massacre that William Wallace was about to bring upon them.


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