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Brandon Breyer is a male extraterrestrial who is the titular anti-hero of the 2019 movie Brightburn. Portrayed by Jackson A. Dunn, Brandon lands to Brightburn, Kansas as a child from outer space and is discovered by would-be adoptive parents Tori and Kyle Breyer. Having been able to conceive a child themselves, the Breyers take in Brandon as if he was their own, despite knowing his alien origin. Brandon’s story follows similar tropes to superhero origin stories such as Superman, up until his pubescent years. Once puberty hits and Brandon discovers his superhuman abilities, his story doesn’t fall into the typical superhero narrative. Instead, he uses his powers to be a psychotic killer called Brightburn. Get the look of the young supervillain with this Brandon Breyer costume guide.

Kill it at any party as Brandon! You will need a Brightburn red mask, a striped polo shirt, men’s long sleeves, regular fit jeans, Converse low tops, and an adult red cape.

Brandon Breyer Cosplay Costumes

While Brandon had the unique ability to never be injured or cut, he had a relatively normal childhood. His formative years were full of love and care from his adoptive parents Tori and Kyle. One could even say that he was very nice and outgoing during his formative years. However, superior intellect and social awkwardness as he grew up became defining features of his personality. Because of this, kids his age found him more and more strange and therefore didn’t much include him in games or get-togethers. This social isolation coincided with him slowly discovering his superhuman abilities. These left Brandon lonely, confused, and eventually aggressive. His murderous persona, Brightburn, is identifiable by the red cape and scary makeshift mask.

Complete the Brightburn cast cosplay by asking some friends to dress up as Tori and Kyle Breyer, Caitlyn, Royce, and Fauxhawk.

About Brandon Breyer

More than just his advanced intellect, Brandon also displayed unnatural abilities that could only be described as superhuman. He was indestructible in that he was completely damage proof. He could be run over by a car and survive with no sign of blood or injury. He could both levitate and fly, the latter of which he could do at incredibly fast speeds. He wasn’t only fast in flight, he was also fast on land. His enhanced speeds made people think he could be in several places at once. Brandon also had enhanced strength, heat vision, and telekinesis. He was able to pick up things as heavy as trucks and throw them to buildings without a scratch or destroy things with his heat vision. His normally blue eyes would turn glowing red and project laser-like beams. His only known weakness is the metal from the spacecraft that he arrived in when he was a baby.

Brandon Breyer

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