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Best Booga Costume Guide

Get ready to huff ‘n puff when a mutated kangaroo fills the big screen in the 1995 sci-fi comedy Tank Girl. Hop right into the scene and say Hi to Booga, played by Jeff Kober, the devoted boyfriend of Tank Girl. The antihero girl met with Booga when he snuck into her tank one night to pinch a pair of her panties as part of his initiation rites to join a gang called Pemphigus Scooter Club Gang Boys. Get the look of Tank Girl’s boyfriend with this Booga costume guide.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to cosplay a mutated kangaroo originally created to be a super soldier, then it’s high time to dress up as Booga with an Animal Head Mask, Cotton T-Shirt, Cargo Shorts, Cotton Dress Socks, Chuck Taylor High Top, Fake Cigar and Multi-Colored Bandana.

Booga Cosplay Costumes

Booga, starring in the movie Tank Girl, is a member of the group known as the Rippers. A group of mutated kangaroos that were the result of an experiment scientist known as Johnny Prophet. It was his attempt to create the ultimate supersoldier. Booga was actually a dog before his supposed “reincarnation.” It is interesting to note that Booga happens to be a big Dame Edna fan. This feisty kangaroo also has a hidden talent as he’s known for doing an impersonation of Bill Clinton. Booga devotedly follows Tank Girl wherever she goes and does whatever she tells him. Even if he must commit murder.

With all the fascinating characters appearing in this movie, it is a given that cosplaying with Tank Girl would be an obvious group choice. But it would also be loads of fun for you and your buddies to cosplay Booga and the Pemphigus Scooter Club Gang Boys at the next Cinema Con!

Booga Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the post-apocalyptic world of “Tank Girl” with our Booga costume guide FAQ. Booga, a humanoid kangaroo and a key character in the series, presents a unique and fun challenge for cosplayers. This guide aims to answer your most pressing questions about creating an authentic Booga look, perfect for comic conventions, themed parties, or simply expressing your love for this cult classic.

Booga's outfit is distinctive and reflects his humanoid kangaroo persona. Essential elements include a sleeveless, tattered shirt, typically in a neutral or earthy tone, loose-fitting pants, and a kangaroo tail. The most crucial aspect of his costume is the kangaroo mask or makeup to replicate his animalistic features, complete with large ears and a snout.

For an authentic Booga look, a kangaroo mask is key. You can either purchase a pre-made kangaroo mask from a costume store or create one using papier-mâché, fur fabric, and paint. Focus on the prominent ears, snout, and textured fur to bring Booga's character to life.

Booga wears loose-fitting pants, often looking rugged or slightly worn, reflecting his rough-and-tumble lifestyle. Earth tones or military-style cargo pants would work well. For footwear, combat boots or any sturdy boots would complement the outfit, adding to the rugged, survivalist theme.

To enhance your Booga costume, consider accessories that reflect his adventurous and tough personality. These can include dog tags, a utility belt, and fingerless gloves. Carrying props like a toy gun or a makeshift boomerang can also add authenticity.

Booga is known for his laid-back attitude mixed with a fierce loyalty, especially towards Tank Girl. While he doesn't have many iconic quotes, embodying his relaxed yet ready-for-action demeanor is key. You can enhance your portrayal by adopting a confident, carefree attitude, combined with a readiness to jump into action at any moment.

About Booga

Booga is the mutant kangaroo character from the 1995 film Tank Girl, portrayed by actor Jeff Kober. He is also based on the same character from the Tank Girl comic. Booga’s movie bio include him having once been a successful toy designer of “products Santa would’ve sacrificed a reindeer for.” But, now he is the current devoted boyfriend of Tank Girl. Booga is portrayed as having a slightly deviant nature and a lustful desire for Tank Girl. They enjoy a relationship that goes beyond just friendship and are both attracted to each other.

As a matter of interest, one of the comics even reveals that they have a love child as a result of their relationship. In contrast to his fellow Rippers, however, Booga was not human before his reincarnated state but a dog. The Booga of the movie is ultimately seen to be a softer, more kind-hearted, and less violent than in the comics.


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