How to Dress Like Bombshell Wonder Woman

Lasso of Truth
Red Blouse
Steel Cuffs
Black Waisted Belt
High Waisted Shorts
Wonder Women Belt Buckle
Yellow Bandana
Red Star Patch
Wonder Women's Boots
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  2. Red Blouse Check Price
  3. Steel Cuffs Check Price
  4. Black Waisted Belt Check Price
  5. High Waisted Shorts Check Price
  6. Wonder Women Belt Buckle Check Price
  7. Yellow Bandana Check Price
  8. Red Star Patch Check Price
  9. Wonder Women's Boots Check Price

Best Bombshell Wonder Woman Costume Guide

If you’ve watched any recent movies in the Warner Bros. DC Extended Universe, you know exactly who Wonder Women is. But, perhaps you’re not familiar with the alternate bombshell outfit of Wonder Women. Bombshell Wonder Woman wears a disguise with a retro 1940s look based on designs by Ant Lucia. If you would like to get the alternate look of Wonder Woman as a pin-up girl, follow this Bombshell Wonder Woman costume guide.

Here are the pieces you need in order to get the perfect bombshell look.The most important things for this costume are high waisted shorts, a red blouse, Wonder Women’s boots, black waisted belt, and a Wonder Women belt buckle. To pull together the final look add a golden rope, steel cuffs, a yellow bandana, and a red star patch.

Bombshell Wonder Woman Cosplay Costumes

Finding all the necessary items for this Wonder Woman cosplay shouldn’t prove too difficult. You should find the majority of the unique retro clothing by looking in goodwill or even costume shops around you. If you cannot find exactly what you need, check out the provided links to order all the right items to complete your Bombshell Wonder Woman look.

An interesting idea for a group cosplay would be to join a friend as the original DC Comics Wonder Woman. That way when you go out for Halloween, people can see the exact differences between Wonder Woman’s bombshell persona. Please send over a few photos of your Wonder Woman Bombshell costume as others would love to see the costume that you come up to admire and draw inspiration from.

About Bombshell Wonder Woman

After Wonder Woman learns of the worldwide war happening beyond the shores of Paradise Island, she leaves to learn more about the world and lend support to the United Nations against the Axis Powers. The war grows in size and with that came fighting over Themyscira. Diana leads a flight of Amazons to stop the squadrons. Only one of the people to survive the fight was Steve Trevor who washed up on the island’s shores and was nursed back to health by Diana.

This is where Steve alerts Diana to the war against Nazi Germany. Dianna is eager to lend aid to help in the war effort. Despite her mother’s disagreement, Diana is certain helping is the right thing to do. She allies with Mera to free Steve from his prison while also taking the treasures of the golden tiara and gauntlets to aid her mission against the war.

Bombshell Wonder Woman

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