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Best Bombshell Vixen Costume Guide

Vixen is a DC comics character and superhero who first appeared in a 1981 publication of Action Comics. Because the Tantu Totem is in her possession, this allows her to harness the spirit of animals. With her powers, Vixen can conjure the skills, abilities, and powers of any animal, whether they were in the past or the present. Bombshell Vixen is a version of Vixen under the DC Bombshells franchise where female superheroes guarded the homefront during World War II. DC Bombshells were created as a series that was inspired by reimagining 1940’s pin-up girls. This series led to two themed covers in 2014 and 2015 and eventually, the launch of its series.

Get the look of the feisty heroine with this Bombshell Vixen costume guide. With this cosplay, you will have a unique superhero look like few others. To look like Bombshell Vixen, you will need a black evening dress with a pair of black heels. You can accessorize this with gold earrings, gold gloves, and a gold choker. Don’t forget the auburn short hair wig.

Bombshell Vixen Cosplay Costumes

Vixen’s real name is Mari Jiwe McCabe. She grew up in a small village in a fictional nation called Zambesi, in the M’Changa province. Poachers killed her mother, and she was raised by her father, Reverend Richard Jiwe, the village priest. When she was little, her mother would tell her about the legend of the Tantu Totem, which his father possessed. Eventually, her father was killed by his half-brother, General Maksai, because he wanted to steal this totem. Much later, Mari moved to the United States where she got herself a job as a model in New York. Because of her career, she was able to travel around the world. On a trip back to Africa, she stumbled upon the uncle that killed her father and took back the Tantu Totem. And this was the beginning of Vixen.

Paint the town red as characters from the DC Bombshells gang. While in your Vixen costume, you can invite your favorite girlfriends to dress up as Black Canary, Catwoman, Supergirl, or Wonder Woman. This unique look will be a great idea to submit to the annual Halloween Costume Contest.

Bombshell Vixen Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the dynamic world of the Bombshell Vixen with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. Whether you’re aiming to capture her classic allure or her daring spirit, we’ve got you covered. In this section, we’ll address your burning questions about embodying this iconic character, ensuring your transformation is as seamless and authentic as possible.

Bombshell Vixen's costume is a vibrant and retro-inspired ensemble that typically includes a red and gold bomber jacket, a white top with a golden V emblem, high-waisted blue shorts, red tights, and aviation-inspired accessories like a pilot cap and goggles. Her look is completed with tall red or brown boots, giving her a powerful and eye-catching appearance.

Bombshell Vixen sports a voluminous, wavy hairstyle, often with a side part, reminiscent of classic 1940s glamour. Consider using curlers or a curling iron to achieve soft waves, and if your hair doesn't match her dark color, a wig could be an option. For makeup, focus on bold red lipstick, winged eyeliner, and defined eyebrows to capture her vintage bombshell aesthetic.

Essential accessories for the Bombshell Vixen costume include her pilot goggles, which can be worn on top of the head or around the neck, a vintage-style pilot cap, and sometimes, a scarf tied around the neck. Additionally, leather gloves and a utility belt with pouches can add to the authenticity of your costume.

If you're crafty, you can transform a plain red bomber jacket by adding gold fabric or paint to create the distinctive golden accents and the V emblem on the front. Fabric glue or iron-on patches can be used for detailing if sewing isn't an option. This approach allows for customization and ensures your jacket perfectly matches Bombshell Vixen's iconic look.

While Bombshell Vixen, as a concept, may not have specific quotes from a single source, embodying her spirit means embracing confidence and daring. If she were to have catchphrases, they might include expressions of boldness and empowerment, such as: "Taking flight to new heights of justice!," "Dare to defy the odds!," "In the face of danger, I soar!," "Empowerment at Mach speed!" and "Breaking barriers, not just the sound barrier!." Embodying Bombshell Vixen is as much about capturing her fearless and pioneering spirit as it is about nailing the costume details. Use these phrases to bring a sense of her character to life in your portrayal.

About Bombshell Vixen

Vixen first appeared on the Suicide Squad franchise as someone who went undercover to capture a drug kingpin named Cujo. She did this despite the government turning the matter over to the Suicide Squad. Along with fellow superheroes Captain Boomerang and Black Orchid, she destroyed the squad’s operation and killing the drug kingpin. Surprised by what she had become, Vixen agreed to work with the Suicide Squad to help her control her animal instincts. When the Squad disbanded for a year, she returned to her modeling career and successfully launched a clothing line. Her failed romance with Suicide Squad team member Bronze Tiger forced her to decline rejoining the Squad when the team got back together.

In the DC Bombshells world set in the World War II era, Bombshell Vixen is a founding member. She is also a lesbian that helps her fellow Bombshells along with her lover Hawkgirl, an archaeologist and technological genius.

Bombshell Vixen

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