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Bombshell Superman Costume Guide
Superman Shirt
Blue Work Pants
Welding Apron
Handlebar Mustache
Red Headband and Wristbands
Red Engineer Boots
Welding Helmet
Red Scarf

Best Bombshell Superman Halloween Costume Guide

The character of Superman needs no introduction – he’s filled our lives through comics, television, books, and movies since most of us were born. Arguably the world’s most well-known superhero, the Man of Steel has been a DC Comics favorite for decades. But every superhero needs a revamp every once in a while, so DC has given Superman the bombshell treatment along with many other characters.

The series of figurines was initially produced by DC Collectibles featuring mainly female superheroes in 1940’s pin-up style, but when they went a step further and branched into online comics, we started seeing some 1940’s style male heroes like Superman. If you want to get the look of a mustachioed version of Kal-El, you’ll need a Superman Shirt, Blue Work Pants, Red Engineer Boots, Red Headband and Wristbands, Welding Helmet, Welding Apron, Handlebar Mustache and Red Scarf.

Bombshell Superman Cosplay Costumes

If you have never dressed as Superman before, you really haven’t lived. At the very least, we’ve all been guilty of wearing our underpants on the outside in an attempt to emulate the Man of Steel. OK, maybe not all of you have done that – but many have. Surely though, after all these years, it’s time to ditch your plain old cape and Superman tights in favor of something a bit different. Well now that DC Collectibles have given us a glimpse of what a 1940’s gentleman would look like as Superman, you can change up that look!

The DC Bombshells universe has gained significant popularity since its origins in 2013, and we’ve got a whole bunch of cool Bombshell characters that you and your friends can get into. Check out Bombshell Catwoman, Bombshell Harley Quinn, Bombshell Black Canary, Bombshell Batman or Bombshell Wonder Woman just to name a few.

About Bombshell Superman

When DC Collectibles started launching statues showing female superheroes in a 1940’s retro style, nobody expected how popular they would become. The concept is based on an alternate reality set in World War 2. Following the statue releases, we started seeing characters styled in this pin-up artwork appearing on variant comic covers for monthly DC comics.

Because the figurines were so popular, a digital comic was released in 2016 titled DC Comics Bombshells, followed by another series titled Bombshells: United which was released in digital format in 2018. The version of Superman we meet in this universe is not the star of the show – he is a clone of Supergirl who is created by Hugo Strange and ends up joining forces with the Bombshells. The Superman from DC Bombshells is probably most recognized by his mustache, a facial feature we don’t usually associate with the Man of Steel.

Bombshell Superman

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