How to Dress Like Bombshell Supergirl

Female Comics
Blue Corset
Superman Patch
Blue Mini Skirt
Leather Sash
Red Scarf
Satin Gloves
Thigh High Boots
Knee High Socks
Blonde Wig

Best Bombshell Supergirl Costume Guide

Bombshell Supergirl is just one version of the popular DC Comics superhero, but she is definitely a unique and cool one. She is all the rage since the first airing of the CBS TV show Supergirl in 2015, but this version here is from the DC Collectibles line of statues and figurines called DC Bombshells, which gave us a new take on many female superheroes. She also appears in the Legends PvP game.

This version of Supergirl is modeled on 1940’s style pin-ups and diesel-punk and comes from an alternate universe where a young girl crash lands to earth, being adopted by Russian parents who find her and name her Kara. With her adoptive sister Kortni, Kara joins an all-female bomb squad during the war called The Night Witches.  If you’d love to become this funky version of Supergirl, you’ll need a Blonde Wig, Red Scarf, Blue Corset, Leather Sash, Superman Patch, Knee High Socks, Thigh High Boot, and Satin Gloves.

Bombshell Supergirl Cosplay Costumes

Everybody loves the DC Universe, and this alternate version of Supergirl is super cool! DC Bombshells is basically all your favorite female superheroes from DC but in sexy 1940’s pin-up girl style. The Supergirl version comes with a really cool new backstory, where she is raised as a Russian girl who wants nothing more than to help her country during the war. She is forced to reveal her powers though, so we think it’s time you revealed your super cosplay powers and tried out this cool costume idea!

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Bombshell Supergirl Costume Tips & FAQs

Embrace the retro charm and heroic spirit of Bombshell Supergirl, a character inspired by the DC Comics Bombshells series. Our dedicated costume guide FAQ is crafted to help you embody the unique blend of 1940s pin-up style and superhero flair that defines this iteration of Supergirl. Uncover the secrets to creating a captivating and authentic Bombshell Supergirl costume.

Bombshell Supergirl's outfit is a nod to 1940s fashion, mixed with her iconic superhero elements. Key components include a blue crop top with the classic Superman 'S' emblem, high-waisted red shorts with gold trim, a red cape, and knee-high red boots. Her look is completed with a headband, aviator goggles, and a military-style belt.

Bombshell Supergirl sports a 1940s-inspired hairstyle, typically with soft waves or victory rolls. For makeup, focus on a classic red lip, winged eyeliner, and a clean, vibrant complexion. This vintage style makeup and hairdo are essential to capturing the essence of the era.

Opt for a mid-length red cape that falls just above the waist or lower back. The cape should be lightweight and flowy, embodying the vintage pin-up style while allowing for dynamic movement, reminiscent of classic superhero capes.

Yes, accessories play a vital role in completing the Bombshell Supergirl look. Include a pair of aviator goggles worn either on top of the head or around the neck. A headband in the same color as the cape and a military-style belt with a golden buckle will add authenticity to the costume.

Embodying Bombshell Supergirl's confident and spirited nature is key. Strike powerful superhero poses with hands on hips or in a flying stance. Incorporate the charm and grace of a 1940s pin-up model with playful and optimistic expressions. Remember, Bombshell Supergirl combines the allure of a vintage pin-up with the strength and heroism of a superhero.

About Bombshell Supergirl

In 2013, DC Collectibles started launching statues taking a fresh new look on all of our favorite female superheroes in a line titled DC Bombshells. They feature in an alternate reality taking place during World War 2, where the female superheroes from DC have very different roles defending their countries. As Supergirl is raised by a Russian family, she and her adoptive sister Kortni join The Night Witches, an elite female bomb squadron to defend Russia. Using old equipment, she is forced to reveal her powers when Kortni’s plan fails, and she needs to save her.

When the sisters became national heroes, they were shocked to learn that they have been sent to kill the inhabitants of a camp which is full of political prisoners. The sisters end up fleeing to the UK where they hook up with Aquawoman and work to defend London against enemy forces.

Bombshell Supergirl

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