How to Dress like Bombshell Raven

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Blue Corset
Blue Shawl
Blue Ruffle Shorts
Blue Elbow Gloves
Purple Feather Fan
Black Cord Necklace
Red Dangle Drop Earring
Blue Devil Horns
Gold and Red Brooch
Blue Feather Fan
Blue High Heel
Fishnet Stockings

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Bombshell Raven is the reimagined DC Comics character that was created to exist in an alternate reality. Among other DC heroines, Raven is part of a guard that protects the homefront during WWII. Born of a German mother, Azaria, and a Mountain Spirit father, Das Trigon, Raven lived in the Swiss Alps until the Joker’s daughter kidnapped her. After kidnapping her she was used as a weapon by Nazi Germany. Her vintage costume is inspired by 1940’s burlesque dancers. Get the look of the pinup-like character from DC Comics with this Bombshell Raven costume guide.

Cosplay Bombshell Raven dressed up in a Blue Corset, Blue Ruffle Shorts, Blue Shawl, Fishnet Stockings, Blue Elbow Gloves, and Blue High Heels. For her complete look, you’ll also need a Red Dangle Drop Earring, Black Cord Necklace, Gold and Red Brooch, Blue Devil Horns, Blue Feather Fan, and Purple Feather Fan.

Bombshell Raven Cosplay Costumes

Initially kidnapped and trapped by the Joker’s daughter, Raven was put into a magical sleep and was burying her under a cabaret.  She ultimately escaped with the help of her adopted mother,  Zatanna Zatara. After she was rescued, she joined up with the rest of the Bombshells. Her superhero uniform is reflective of the environment she was kept in while mind-controlled by Joker’s Daughter and the Nazis. The blue corset, blue ruffle shorts, blue shawl, blue horns, blue elbow gloves, and blue high heels are absolutely essential. Secondarily, you’ll need to get an old-fashioned fan, drop earrings, and a red and gold brooch.

This fictional comic character from New Teen Titans and the Justice League is a gem to dress up as. Then, you can team up with characters like her demon father, Trigon, or her benevolent mother, Arella. Both would make one’s cosplay fantasies come to life.

Bombshell Raven Costume Tips & FAQs

Enter the world of DC Comics’ Bombshells with our costume guide FAQ for Raven, a character reimagined in this alternate universe with a unique 1940s-inspired twist. Bombshell Raven combines her mystical, gothic origins with the vintage flair of the Bombshells line, creating a look that’s both classic and otherworldly. This guide will help you recreate Raven’s distinctive style, perfect for fans of her character and the Bombshells series.

Bombshell Raven's outfit is a creative blend of her traditional mystical attire and the classic 1940s style. Essential components include a dark, form-fitting dress with mystical symbols or Gothic accents, often with a vintage touch such as lace or velvet. She typically wears a cape or cloak, adding to her enigmatic presence. Her outfit is completed with period-appropriate shoes, like high-heeled boots or pumps.

Raven's hair in the Bombshells series is often depicted as long, dark, and wavy, exuding a 1940s glamour. You can style your hair in soft waves or use a wig to achieve this look. For makeup, focus on bold, dramatic eyes with dark eyeshadow and eyeliner, and opt for a deep, rich lipstick color to complement her mystical persona.

Key accessories for Bombshell Raven include mystical-themed jewelry, such as necklaces or bracelets with occult symbols. A headpiece or tiara that echoes her classic forehead gem can be a striking addition. If you wish to emphasize her magical abilities, consider props like a spellbook or a crystal ball.

Bombshell Raven's costume primarily features dark colors, especially black and deep purple, which are iconic to her character. Look for clothing and accessories with Gothic or mystical patterns, such as pentagrams, crescent moons, or arcane symbols, to capture her sorceress background.

Portraying Bombshell Raven involves capturing her mysterious, introspective, and powerful nature. Some traits to emphasize include her calm, composed demeanor, her mystical incantations, and her introspective and occasionally brooding personality. As Raven is a less outspoken character, conveying her presence through a strong, silent portrayal can be very effective.

About Bombshell Raven

One of the most recent characters to be added to the DC Comics Bombshells, Raven is a superheroine that goes under the alias, Rachel Roth. She is a member of the superhero team Teen Titans. Originally created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez, her Bombshell character was created by Tim Miller. Set during the time of WWII, Raven was kidnapped from her parents in the Swiss Alps. Taken by Joker’s daughter, she was later recovered by the Bombshells. What started as a few DC heroines being created in a WWII pinup style, has now turned into an entire comic collection.

Raven is a popular DC Comics character that is also a member of the Justice League. As a half-human and half-demon, Raven is extremely powerful. She is gifted with magical, psychic, and telekinetic powers. But, despite her vast abilities, Raven would give anything to simply be normal. She has formed a bond with the Teen Titan group and considers them to be the only family that she has.

Bombshell Raven

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