How to Dress Like Bombshell Lois Lane

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Dressy Suit Vest
White Long Sleeve Blouse
Black Suspenders
Red High Waisted Pants
Black Heels
Red Scarf
Cabbie Cap Hat

Best Bombshell Lois Lane Costume Guide

Clark Kent’s main love interest and an investigative reporter at the Daily Planet, Lois Lane has proven herself as a rather interesting character in the DC world. Strong and assertive, Lois Lane has proven herself more than capable of handling herself in almost any dangerous situation though Superman tends to help her out from time to time. The bombshell line of DC Comics characters reflects a retro 1940s look based on the designs by Ant Lucia. Get the look of this juxtaposed look of Superman’s love with this bombshell Lois Lane costume guide.

Cosplay bombshell Lois Lane to take on a rather uncharacteristic look for her, but one that is still awesome. To get this retro look you’ll need red high-waisted pants, a white long sleeve blouse, a dressy suit vest, a cabbie cap hat, black suspenders, a red scarf, and black heels to be an awesome Bombshell Lois Lane!

Bombshell Lois Lane Cosplay Costumes

The DC Comics bombshell characters are from an alternate reality in which the female superheroes defend the homefront during WWII. In this alternate DC universe, Lois Lane’s character in Superman is reinterpreted as a Newspaper Girl in the 1940’s. The look is a bit retro and may require some difficult to find items to get the look just right—expecially her pants. However, cosplaying Lois’ bombshell look will entirely unique and creative appearance for Halloween or cosplay! Aside from the clothing, you’ll just need to add a newspaper!

If you want to be really creative with this look, you could always go the DIY route and create some of the clothing items yourself. This could also be a great costume for a couples if your partner is willing to go as The Man of Steel. No matter if you’re going solo or as a dynamic duo, get this retro DC Comic character look.

Bombshell Lois Lane Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the vintage and heroic world of “Bombshell Lois,” a reimagined version of the classic character Lois Lane, inspired by the DC Comics Bombshells series. This guide will help you create a costume that captures her daring reporter spirit combined with a 1940s bombshell aesthetic, perfect for fans of this unique and stylish portrayal.

Bombshell Lois Lane's outfit is a stylish nod to 1940s fashion, reflecting her role as a daring reporter. Her look typically includes a high-waisted pencil skirt, a button-up blouse (often in a military-style or with a classic 1940s cut), and a tailored jacket or a trench coat. Accessories like a vintage camera, press credentials, and a hat (such as a fedora with a press card tucked in the band) are essential to complete her reporter look. She sometimes wears seamed stockings and classic, mid-heel shoes.

For hair, aim for a 1940s-inspired style, such as victory rolls or soft waves. A side part with curls falling to one side can also be a fitting tribute to the era. Makeup should be classic and elegant, with a focus on defined eyebrows, a subtle eye, and bold red lipstick, typical of the 1940s glamour.

Classic 1940s-style shoes, such as mid-heeled pumps or lace-up oxfords, are ideal for a Bombshell Lois Lane costume. The shoes should be practical yet stylish, embodying the fashion of the era. Colors like black, navy, or brown are appropriate choices.

Essential accessories for Bombshell Lois Lane include a vintage-style camera, to reflect her career as a journalist. Press credentials, either around the neck or attached to the hat, add authenticity to the costume. A period-appropriate handbag and a pair of gloves can also enhance the 1940s look.

While Lois Lane in the Bombshell series retains her sharp wit and dedication to truth, incorporating quotes from her appearances in comics or adaptations can enhance your portrayal. Some inspirational quotes that reflect her spirit include: "The truth is always worth the fight.," "A headline isn’t worth my integrity.," "I’m not just a damsel in distress; I’m a reporter.," "In a world full of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." and "Fearless reporting is my superpower." Using these quotes can bring depth to your Bombshell Lois Lane costume and embody her tenacious, fearless character.

About Bombshell Lois Lane

The bombshell design on Lois Lane was created in August 2015 by Adam Ross. As the oldest of two children, Lois was born to Sam Lane who was a military officer. Her father had desired a son but instead, since had two daughters. He treated them each as if they were members of his military unit during their childhood. Because of this, Lois became capable of handling herself in nearly any situation. At the age of fifteen, she approached Perry White at the Daily Planet and asked him for a job. She lied about her age saying she was 19, but her sister Lucy told Perry the truth.

Not one to be discouraged, Lois overheard some reporters say that whoever got a scoop on Lex Luthor would get on Perry’s good side. Lois decided to attempt it. From then on her reporting career took off and she was willing to do nearly anything in order to get a good story even if it meant putting herself in danger. Often putting herself in situations to be rescued by Superman.

Bombshell Lois Lane

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