How to Dress Like Bombshell Catwoman

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Black Short Dress
Cat Ears
Sheer Stockings
Black Whip
Pearl Necklace
Long Gloves
Black Stilettos

Best Bombshell Catwoman Costume Guide

Bombshell Catwoman is one of many portrayals of the popular character throughout the years. Most people probably think of Michelle Pfeiffer or Halle Berry as the ultimate Catwoman portrayals, but what you might not know is the DC Collectibles came up with the concept of producing a line of statues and figurines called DC Bombshells, giving a new take on many female superheroes.

This version of Catwoman is modeled on 1940’s style pin-ups and diesel-punk, and is from an imagined universe where female superheroes stayed at home in World War 2 in order to protect the US from invasion.  If you’re keen on trying your cosplay skills on this sultry Catwoman adaption, you’ll need a set of Cat Ears, Sunglasses, a Pearl Necklace, Black Short Dress, Sheer Stockings, the customary Long Gloves, Black Stilettos, and Catwoman just wouldn’t be Catwoman without her trusty Black Whip!

Bombshell Catwoman Cosplay Costumes

We know you all love the DC Universe, and this off-shoot of the traditional characters we all know is super cool. DC Bombshells is basically all your favorite female superheroes from DC but in sexy 1940’s pin-up girl style. What’s not to love about that? The Catwoman character works particularly well, as she is stylized as a kind of a business-woman superhero, which is kind of what the original Catwoman is anyway – a mild-mannered office worker transforming into an awesome crime fighter.

This one is just begging to be paired up with other costumes, considering the vast number of DC character who appears in the DC Bombshells series. So get your friends together and try out the Bombshell versions of Wonder Woman, Batman, Lois Lane, Harley Quinn, and many more!

Bombshell Catwoman Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the elegant and daring world of Bombshell Catwoman with our comprehensive costume guide FAQ. Channel the essence of this vintage-inspired femme fatale as we answer your key questions about recreating her glamorous 1940s look, infused with her unique feline mystique.

Bombshell Catwoman's attire is a stylish nod to 1940s fashion mixed with her classic cat burglar persona. The costume typically includes a black, form-fitting, aviator-style jumpsuit with a belted waist, a bomber jacket with fur trim on the collar, and tall black boots. To capture her feline allure, the jumpsuit should have a sleek and sultry silhouette, often accentuated with a cat-themed emblem or stitching.

For Bombshell Catwoman, opt for a 1940s-inspired hairstyle like victory rolls or soft waves, paired with a bold red lipstick and cat-eye makeup to enhance the feline aspect of her character. A vintage-style headpiece or a small, stylish hat with cat ears can also add to the authenticity of the look.

Essential accessories for Bombshell Catwoman include a pair of aviator goggles, which can be worn over the head or around the neck, and a whip to symbolize her cat burglar skills. Additionally, consider wearing a choker-style necklace and elegant gloves, preferably with a hint of feline design, to complete the vintage yet daring look.

To embody Bombshell Catwoman, embrace her confident and seductive demeanor. Practice posing with a hand on the hip and a sly, mysterious smile. Incorporating playful yet strong stances, reminiscent of a cat ready to pounce, will enhance your portrayal. Remember, she's a character who combines elegance with agility and cunning.

While Bombshell Catwoman doesn't have specific catchphrases, use empowering and sultry statements that reflect her character, such as: "In the game of cat and mouse, I always win.," "With the grace of a cat and the cunning of a thief, I make my own rules.," "A purrfect blend of danger and charm, that's me.," "Stealing the spotlight and whatever else I desire." and "I walk the line between heroine and villainess, and I do it in style." These phrases capture the essence of Bombshell Catwoman's allure, her blend of heroism and mischief, adding an authentic touch to your costume portrayal.

About Bombshell Catwoman

In 2013, DC Collectibles started launching statues taking a fresh new look on all of our favorite female superheroes in a line titled DC Bombshells. The concept is based on an alternate reality where during World War 2, the female superheroes were stuck at home in the US and therefore took on the task of defending the country against invasion. The style of these statues was essentially putting the famous superheroes into 1940’s pin-up style artwork.

At April 2018, there had been 25 different statues created and being sold in stores, with more planned for the future. Since the figurines were so popular, a digital comic was released in 2016 titled DC Comics Bombshells, with six volumes being created. Another series titled Bombshells: United was released in digital format in 2018, with more to come. It is expected that print versions will likely follow both series.

Bombshell Catwoman

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