How to Dress Like Bombshell Black Canary

Female Comics
Blue Plaid Shirt
Pencil Rockabilly Skirt
Fishnet Stockings
Black Gloves with Bow
Vintage Microphone
Floral Temporary Tattoo
Black Chocker Necklace
Rose Hairpin
Black Belt with Gold Buckle
Black High Heel Shoe with Bow

Best Bombshell Black Canary Costume Guide

The DC Comics character, Black Canary, has gone through several iterations of her role over the years. First appearing in The Flash comic books and then Green Arrow. Dinah Drake, her actual name, is a skilled martial artist with highly-developed hand-to-hand skills taken from various martial arts disciplines. Aside from her physical skills, she has incredible investigative capabilities. However, her role as Dinah Lance in the DC Comics Bombshell series is an alternate reality of how the traditional female superheroes appeared during World War II. Get the look of performer for American troops with this Bombshell Black Canary costume guide.

Cosplay the vintage look of Black Canary dressed up in a Pencil Rockabilly Skirt, Black Gloves with Bow, Blue Plaid Shirt, Fishnet Stockings, Black High Heels, Rose Hairpin, Black Choker Necklace, Belt with Gold Buckle, Floral Temporary Tattoo.

Bombshell Black Canary Cosplay Costumes

Dinah Lance, the retro Black Canary, was first featured in her vintage clothing performing for the U.S. troops in Hawaii. Dinah is a member of the DC Comics Bombshells whose retro look created by Ant Lucia is inspired by the 1940’s. Get the look of the superhero turned performer by finding similar vintage clothing at a thrift store. Clothes like a pencil skirt, Blue Plaid Shirt, and a Belt with Gold Buckle, and Black Gloves with Bow. Finish up the look by complementing the clothes with Fishnet Stockings, Black High Heels, Rose Hairpin, Black Choker Necklace, and a Floral Temporary Tattoo.

If it’s group cosplay that interests your DC movie buffs, you don’t need to look any further than the rest of the Bombshell superheroes. Join with Black Canary as Bombshell Catwoman, Bombshell Harley Quinn, Bombshell Batman, Bombshell Lois Lane, and Bombshell Wonder Woman to impress others at any comic-con or Halloween party.

Bombshell Black Canary Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Bombshell Black Canary with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Channel the spirit of this empowered and stylish superheroine as we answer your most pressing questions about recreating her distinctive 1940s-inspired look.

Bombshell Black Canary's outfit is a glamorous take on 1940s fashion, blended with superhero flair. The key elements include a black leather jacket with a golden bird emblem on the back, high-waisted black shorts, fishnet stockings, and knee-high black boots. Add a blue scarf tied around the neck and a black belt with a golden buckle for an authentic touch. Her outfit is a perfect blend of vintage style and superhero costume.

Bombshell Black Canary is depicted with wavy, blonde hair, often styled in a classic 1940s victory roll or loose waves. For makeup, focus on a bold red lip, winged eyeliner, and defined eyebrows to capture the era's iconic look. A vintage-style headband or hair accessory can also add to the authenticity of the ensemble.

Key accessories for Bombshell Black Canary include a pair of black gloves (preferably leather), a microphone or a prop resembling one (as a nod to her singing abilities), and a pair of aviator goggles worn on the head or around the neck. These elements are integral to her character's Bombshell iteration, emphasizing her role as a singer and a fighter.

To embody Bombshell Black Canary, adopt confident and powerful poses, reflecting her superheroine persona. Practice standing tall with hands on hips or in a mid-action pose to convey her strength and agility. Emphasizing her confident and charismatic nature, characteristic of a performer and a fighter, will enhance your portrayal.

While Bombshell Black Canary doesn't have specific catchphrases, you can use empowering and bold statements that reflect her character's strength and independence, such as: "Singing on stage or fighting crime, I always hit the right note.," "With the power of my voice, I stand against injustice.," "A songbird by day, a fierce warrior by night.," "My melody is my strength; my voice, my weapon." and "Striking a chord for justice and freedom." These phrases encapsulate Bombshell Black Canary's dual identity as a singer and a superhero, adding depth and authenticity to your costume portrayal.

About Bombshell Black Canary

Black Canary, the DC Comics superhero is the alter ego of Dinah Drake, who was later revitalized as a bona fide superheroine by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino for DC Comics. She first appeared in Flash Comics #86 as one of DC Comics’ earliest superheroines. Her subsequent regular appearances in the Justice Society of America and the Justice League of America confirmed her standing as a crime-fighter.

The Bombshell Black Canary is the reimagined superhero that was a part of the series originally created as statues designed by Ant Luci. The popularity of the designs has led to the launch of their own series–Bombshells United by DC Comics. Black Canary is the Bombshell character created by Sam Greenwell. Her storyline tells the story of her on Honolulu as a performer during World War II. Often found singing for the troops, while also joining forces with Alysia Yeoh and Felicity Smoak, members of the Batgirls.

Bombshell Black Canary

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