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Red and White Baseball Tee
Red Shorts
Converse Sneakers
Short Hair Wig

Best Bobby Generic Costume Guide

There are plenty of children out there with wild imaginations, but Robert Adelvice “Bobby” Generic from the 90’s animated show, Bobby’s World is on a whole other level! Voiced by Howie Mandel, Bobby Generic says that he came from Bobbyland where he could fly and ruled everything. Bobby refuses to let go of his much more fun and creative side while on Earth, but he’s learning that it’s not as easy as it looks! Get the look of the little boy that has a wild imagination with this Bobby Generic costume guide.

Cosplay Bobby’s simple look with a Red and White Baseball Tee, Red Shorts, and a pair of Converse Sneakers. His cartoon hairstyle is achievable with a Short Spiky Hair Wig in black! Although he is an adorable kid, the most important part of his look is his wildly creative side!

Bobby Generic Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking for a super simple and quick costume for Halloween or cosplay, then Bobby Generic from the 90’s animated series Bobby’s World is your guy! His imagination may be out of control, but his style is much more basic! You can even start by looking through your own closet to find a baseball tee, red shorts, and a pair of Converse sneakers. Any of the items you can’t find will either be in a thrift store or online! Finish off Bobby’s look by spiking up your own black hair or finding a short spiky wig to style just like Bobby’s!

Bobby is really close to his family, so grab your own friends or family to dress as the rest of the characters from Bobby’s World! They can dress as Derek Generic, Kelly Generic, Uncle Ted, Martha Generic, and Howard Generic to make this a group costume! Cosplaying the Generic family is sure to have people revisiting their childhood memories.

Bobby Generic Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the imaginative universe of “Bobby’s World” with our Bobby Generic costume guide. Known for his vivid imagination and adorable antics, Bobby’s outfit is simple, colorful, and captures the essence of childhood innocence. This FAQ will assist you in recreating Bobby’s classic look, perfect for themed events, parties, or simply reliving a piece of beloved 90s nostalgia.

Bobby's outfit is quintessentially youthful and easy to put together. It consists of a red and white striped shirt, blue shorts, white socks, and red sneakers. The shirt's horizontal stripes are a defining feature, making it instantly recognizable as Bobby's signature look.

Bobby is known for his distinctive blond hair, styled in a messy, slightly spiked manner. If you don't have blond hair, you can use a temporary hair color spray or wear a wig that matches his hairstyle. The key is to achieve a playful, tousled look that reflects Bobby's energetic personality.

Bobby wears simple red sneakers, which are a staple of his outfit. Pair these with plain white socks, preferably ones that reach mid-calf, to stay true to his style.

While Bobby's outfit is quite straightforward, carrying a small plush spider or a toy resembling his pet spider, Webbly, can add an extra touch of authenticity to the costume. Additionally, a small prop bicycle or tricycle can be a fun nod to Bobby's adventures.

To bring your Bobby Generic costume to life, consider using some of his memorable catchphrases or quotes: "I don't know.," "But Uncle Ted...," "Wowee, wow, wow!," "It's Bobby's World!" and "That's a good idea!." These lines reflect Bobby's curious and innocent nature, making your portrayal more engaging and true to the character.

About Bobby Generic

Robert Adelvice Generic, who we all know as Bobby from Bobby’s World, came to Earth after he was banished by an evil queen from Bobbyland. Bobby says this is the place where he could do anything, and it was full of magic! His imagination runs wild not only in Bobbyland, but also on Earth. Bobby’s parents Martha and Howard deal with Bobby’s imagination and naivety on a daily basis, even though Bobby doesn’t mean any harm to anyone. He also has a brother and sister, Derek and Kelly. While Bobby and Derek don’t necessarily get along, Kelly will usually have Bobby’s back whenever he needs her.

Bobby tries to have the same adventures on Earth that he had in Bobbyland, but the two places don’t have the same tolerance for magic, fairytales, and Bobby’s hilarious quirks! He could fly, sing, and dance all while going on his remarkable adventures! Bobby is learning the ways of Earth, but he’ll stumble and fall a few times along the way.

Bobby Generic

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