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Bob the Builder Costume Guide
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Best Bob the Builder Costume Guide

Can we fix it? Yes, we can! Dress like Bob the Builder, the popular British children’s animated TV show created by Keith Chapman and brought to the US on channels like PBS Kids and Nickelodeon. Bob appears as a building contractor specialising in masonry. In each episode, Bob the Builder helps with renovations, construction, and repairs. Dress up to fix it up like Bob with your Pyramex Cap Style Suspension Hard Hat, Men’s Plaid Pattern Casual Shirts, Dickies Denim Stone-Washed Bib Overalls, Custom Leathercraft Suede Nail and Tool Bag with Poly Web Belt, and Kingshow Premium Full-Grain Leather Work Boots. You wouldn’t be a handyman without your tools so, don’t forget a Prextex Little Handyman Tool Belt Set with Accessories.

Bob the Builder Cosplay Costumes

You’ll probably be hard-pressed to find a character from a children’s TV show that’s as popular and beloved as the main character from the ever-popular British children’s show, Bob The Builder. Thinking he could be a cute little cosplay? Well, there are a few key items that you’ll need in order to replicate this handyman. Don’t forget that this costume can be one that is cosplayed in rather large groups if your friends go as Wendy or even as Dizzy. The first things that you’ll need to get started on this costume is a safety regulated outfit and for that, you’ll need a plaid shirt under some denim overalls along with a sturdy yellow hardhat. You’ll also need a tool belt which you can probably find in the kid area in a toy store, some durable work boots, and your handy toolbox. If you’re not quite sure what else you may need, don’t forget to check out our featured photos to grab some inspiration!

About Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder happens to be the designated builder for Fixam and Spring City and also the unofficial leaders for the machines. Bob is quite the dedicated worker and he takes on any problem that comes his way; there’s nothing too difficult for him! He’s a real team player and he works together with his partner Wendy and leads the machines in a great team effort. Whenever an issue comes up in his community, you can be sure that he’ll be the first to go and fix whatever that issue may be. You can easily be reassured that Bob will complete any job that comes his way especially when he says his signature catchphrase, “Can we build it? Yes, we can!”.

Bob the Builder was a popular show, especially in England where it was first released. It began in 1999 and while it was halted for some time, it was picked up again in 2014 by Mattel. It has over 300 episodes and counting for you or your children to watch.

Bob the Builder

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