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Best Bob Ross Deadpool Costume Guide

When you think of the ultimate anti-hero Deadpool, what comes to mind? Profanity? Extreme violence? A nearly constant stream of hilarious, smart-mouthed one-liners? Wrong. When we think of Deadpool, we think of tips for wet-on-wet oil painting.
In a teaser trailer for Deadpool 2, actor Ryan Reynolds, complete with a Deadpool costume, impersonates The Joy of Painting host, Bob Ross. Deadpool takes us through a parody of an episode with a hilarious effect. Pay tribute to The Joy of Painting with this Bob Ross Deadpool costume guide.

This costume is double layered, as you’ll need the Adult Deadpool Unisex Cosplay Costume underneath. Then, layer on an Afro Short Curly Wig, White Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt, Men’s Classic Carpenter Jeans, Men’s Casual Belt, Painting Set, and some Crayola Washable Paint.

Bob Ross Deadpool Cosplay Costumes

When you have a cosplay event or a fun costume party to attend, don’t go with the grain dressed in a plain old Deadpool costume. Mix it up a little bit with this hilarious spoof of painter Bob Ross. The pre-release marketing campaign for the movie Deadpool 2 gave us a few hilarious trailers for comic fans. The Bob Ross preview would be no exception. With a soft voice, Deadpool layers a pair of blue jeans, white shirt, and a full head of hair the mercenary transforms into a painter.

Try this Deadpool variation and you’re sure to be a hit at any event. Make sure to bring your palate and paint supplies! With this look, you’ll also have the standard Deadpool costume you can always wear on its own. Be sure to send us your pictures when you try out this brilliant take on a Deadpool cosplay.

Bob Ross Deadpool Costume Tips & FAQs

Merge the worlds of art and humor with our costume guide FAQ for Bob Ross, as humorously portrayed by Deadpool in a unique and comedic crossover. This guide will help you capture the essence of Bob Ross’ iconic look with a twist of Deadpool’s irreverent humor, creating a fun and unique cosplay that combines elements of both characters.

The outfit combines Bob Ross' classic look with Deadpool's playful twist. Essential elements include a light blue button-up shirt, dark blue jeans, and a brown belt. The signature piece is a curly, brown afro wig, embodying Bob Ross' iconic hairstyle. To incorporate the Deadpool aspect, consider wearing Deadpool-themed gloves or subtly including Deadpool-related accessories.

Bob Ross' distinctive hairstyle is a key part of his look. Use a brown curly afro wig to mimic his hair. For facial features, a neat, full beard and mustache are essential. If you can't grow one naturally, use a fake beard and mustache set. The key is to capture the gentle and friendly appearance of Bob Ross.

To embody Bob Ross' persona, carry a painter's palette and a few paintbrushes. Optionally, you can add a small canvas with a peaceful landscape painting or a work in progress. These accessories will emphasize the artistic side of the character.

To add a touch of Deadpool to your Bob Ross costume, consider wearing Deadpool-themed gloves, or add small Deadpool logos to your painting accessories. You could also carry a prop that humorously combines both characters, like a Deadpool action figure with a paintbrush or a canvas featuring Deadpool in a Bob Ross-style painting.

To bring this crossover cosplay to life, mix Bob Ross' calm and soothing demeanor with Deadpool's witty and sarcastic humor. Here are some ideas: Speak in a soft, calming tone while making cheeky Deadpool-style jokes, Use Bob Ross phrases like "happy little trees" but with a Deadpool spin, such as "happy little chimichangas." and pretend to paint while making humorous asides to an imaginary camera. This blend of Bob Ross' serene art instructor persona with Deadpool's edgy humor will create a unique and entertaining cosplay experience.

About Bob Ross Deadpool

One of the teaser trailers for 2018’s most anticipated superhero movie, Deadpool 2, featured this hilarious parody of the popular 80’s TV host Bob Ross. Bob Ross was known in the 80’s and early 90’s as host of his own painting show, The Joy of Painting. The show had a very basic setting, with Ross standing beside a blank canvas, taking viewers through the process of creating a painting in a live setting, using his favored “wet-on-wet” oil painting style.

Ryan Reynolds’ parody, unlike the original show, is filled with his trademark profanity and crude remarks. Hilariously, the image on the canvas changed at a pace Deadpool could not possibly paint live. The parody ends, leading to a short trailer with real action from the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

Bob Ross Deadpool

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