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White Pinstripe Button Down Shirt
Golf Jacket
Brown Pants
Brown Striped Tie
Brown Shoes

Best Bob Newby Costume Guide

Bob Newby, played by Sean Astin, is the super nice who manages the local Hawkins RadioShack. He’s a recurring character in the second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things where he begins dating Joyce Byers. He really has no idea what he was getting himself into when he starts dating Joyce because he doesn’t know what happened to her son, Will Byers, the year before. Get the look of the founder of Hawkins Middle School AV Club with this Bob Newby costume guide.

Get Bob’s simple and professional style with a White Pinstripe Button Down Shirt and a Brown Striped Tie layered underneath a Golf Jacket. Then, slip on a pair of Brown Pants and Brown Shoes. Finally, grab a Camcorder to carry around just like Bob does in Stranger Things. Now, you’re ready to date Joyce and see what her boys are really up to.

Bob Newby Cosplay Costumes

Bob’s style in the Netflix series Stranger Things can be summed up as simple and professional! He has the classic 80’s businessman look, and he isn’t scared to rock it! Dressed up like Bob Newby, gather a group of your friends together to dress up like the cast of Stranger Things 2. Get your besties to dress up as Joyce Byers, Will Byers, Jonathan Byers, and Mike Wheeler.

Put your Bob costume together by heading to the thrift store to locate an 80’s style shirt, pants, and jacket similar to Bob’s style. Check your own closet to see if you have a matching brown tie and brown dress shoes. We recommend looking online for the camcorder since they aren’t easy to locate in stores in anymore. When you’re all dressed up and ready to go out for Halloween, send us a picture that we can use as a featured look in the Bob Newby costume gallery!

Bob Newby Costume Tips & FAQs

The Bob Newby Costume Guide FAQ has all the essential cosplay info! In this section, you’ll find all the essential information for dressing up as the kind-hearted and lovable character from Stranger Things, Bob Newby.

To dress like Bob Newby, you'll need a simple, casual outfit. Wear a short-sleeved button-up shirt with a plaid or checkered pattern, along with a pair of khaki or denim pants. Complete the outfit with a pair of comfortable sneakers, preferably in a neutral color.

Bob has a clean-shaven face and a friendly smile. Focus on keeping your face clean and natural-looking, using minimal makeup. To recreate his hair, choose a short brown wig with a slight wave or style your own hair similarly if it's already short and brown.

Bob has short, wavy brown hair that is neatly combed to one side. If your hair is already short and wavy, you can simply style it to match Bob's look. If not, you can use a short, wavy brown wig. Make sure to keep the hairstyle tidy and well-groomed.

Bob Newby is known for his kind and supportive personality, with memorable quotes such as "I hope it doesn't suck!" and "I used to have a recurring nightmare too... I conquered it by facing my fears." One of Bob's most heroic moments is when he helps save the main characters by restoring power to the Hawkins Lab security system.

To complete your Bob Newby costume, consider wearing a name tag with "Bob" written on it or a badge from the Hawkins RadioShack where he works. You can also carry a set of keys or a walkie-talkie as a prop to reference his technical skills and role in the show. Finally, if you want to pay tribute to Bob's superhero nickname, "Bob the Brain," you can create a small sign or button with this title.

About Bob Newby

Bob Newby came into Will and Jonathan’s lives as their mother, Joyce Byers, new boyfriend. Will was okay with having him around, but Jonathan wasn’t as fond of the newest addition to their family. Bob hangs around the house and even sees Will having a nightmare, but he doesn’t understand what Will has been through in season 1 of Netflix’s Stranger Things. He’s kind and caring to bring Will some medicine thinking that he was sick.

Bob joins in on some of Will’s attempts to save Chief Jim Hopper but ultimately gets himself into trouble. Bob is brave and offers to protect Joyce’s family by sacrificing his life to help them escape from the Hawkins Laboratory. The Byers family is lucky to have someone that will stand by their sides and protect them the best way he knows how.

Bob Newby

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