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Bo Peep is one of the original toys from Pixar’s Toy Story franchise. Although Bo Peep technically wasn’t Andy’s toy, he still used her for many of his make-believe stories. Whether Andy’s playtime brought Sheriff Woody and Bo Peep together, or they found each other on their own, they eventually fell in love. They don’t get to spend a lot of time alone with Woody being the lead toy, but they certainly take what they can get.

Bo Peep is a reasonable thinker. She may have feelings for Woody but doesn’t let that hold her back from her dreams. She doesn’t take being a toy for granted and knows it’s a great responsibility. Although Andy portrays her as the damsel in distress in his make-believe, Bo Peep can take care of herself. Get the look of Woody’s love interest with this Bo Peep costume guide. Take on new adventure dressed like Bo Peep by wearing a Bo Peep Costume, Pink Bow, Billy, Goat and Gruff Plush, Bo Peep Action Staff, Blonde Wig, and Flats.

Bo Peep Cosplay Costumes

Bo Peep had a significant role in the first Toy Story movie but was quickly written out by the third. Her absence was mainly due to her being made of porcelain. The writers didn’t think she’d be able to survive the dangerous adventures of the other toys. However, Bo Peep does return in the fourth movie and seems to be doing just fine. She’s even sporting a more modern look. She’s living a life of adventure without being held down by a single owner. She loves her newfound freedom and doesn’t regret leaving Andy’s home

For a fun spin on this original costume, you could make it a group cosplay! You could have a group of sheep following along or be accompanied by Woody. Another idea is to go with another couple—Woody and Bo Peep, along with Ken and Barbie. Either way, tap into Bo Peep’s free spirit and get creative! Don’t forget to submit an entry into our annual Halloween Costume Contest! We can’t wait to see how your Bo Peep costume turns out!

Bo Peep Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the whimsical and adventurous world of Bo Peep from “Toy Story” with our costume guide FAQ. As a porcelain shepherdess and a strong, independent character, Bo Peep’s outfit from the latest movies is both charming and practical, reflecting her evolution throughout the series. This guide will assist you in recreating her updated look, perfect for cosplay events, themed parties, or simply to pay homage to this beloved character.

Bo Peep's new look in the later "Toy Story" films is a stylish and functional upgrade. It includes a blue jumpsuit with a pink bow, a detachable pink cape that doubles as a skirt, and a pair of comfortable, flat shoes. Her outfit is completed with a wide-brimmed shepherdess hat and a crook. The ensemble combines her classic feminine style with a more adventurous, action-ready design.

Bo Peep has a neat, updo hairstyle with curls, which you can replicate using a wig or styling your own hair if it’s long enough. Her look is porcelain-doll-inspired, so aim for a polished appearance with rosy cheeks and a hint of pink lip color to capture her sweet and friendly demeanor.

To create Bo Peep's blue jumpsuit, look for a light blue fabric that's comfortable and allows for movement. The jumpsuit should be tailored to fit well, and you can add a pink ribbon or fabric to create the large bow. Her cape, which doubles as a skirt, can be made from a flowing pink fabric, and should be detachable for versatility.

Bo Peep's shepherdess crook is an iconic accessory and can be made from materials like wood or plastic. It should be painted white or a light color. Additionally, her wide-brimmed hat is a key part of her look and can be sourced from costume stores or modified from existing hats to match her style.

Bo Peep is known for her caring nature and resourcefulness. Including phrases like “I'm not a toy. I was made for souvenirs” or posing with her crook in a shepherdess-like manner can bring her character to life. Emphasizing her confident and adventurous spirit in your portrayal will make your cosplay more authentic.

About Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep is a porcelain doll from Disney Pixar’s animated Toy Story franchise. She was introduced in the opening scene of the first Toy Story movie when Andy was playing make-believe with his toys. He gets Woody to rescue her and save the day, as he always does! She’s a very kind and considerate doll with a realistic view of the world. Unlike Woody, who struggles to let any toy be given away or sold to a new family, Bo Peep knows it’s just part of who they are as toys.

After several years, Bo Peep gets given away to an old man. She tries to convince Woody to come with her, but Woody can’t leave Andy alone. She then lives in an antique store for a while but ultimately decides to leave and start a life of adventure. Bo Peep doesn’t want to be the damsel in distress anymore.  She’s not just a pretty face made of a fragile material. 

Bo Peep

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