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Blue Pearl Costume Guide
Sky Blue Short Hair Wig
FTXJ Blue One Piece Swim Suit
Oval Flat Back Gem Stone
Tag Powder Blue Face Paint
Light Blue Chiffon Dress

Best Blue Pearl Halloween Costume Guide

Blue Pearl, the character from the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe, is a timid and quiet Homeworld Gem. She completes tasks she is assigned without a word at all. Blue Pearl only speaks when she is directly spoken to and avoids any communication when possible. Her hair hangs down over her eyes and that seems to fit her personality well. She can hide her face easily and hope to not be seen by anyone.

To recreate Blue Pearl’s costume you will need a Sky Blue Short Hair Wig, Blue One-Piece Swim Suit, Light Blue Chiffon Dress, Powder Blue Face Paint, and an Oval Flat Back Gem Stone. Each Gem and Pearl have their own look and personality, and Blue Pearl’s appearance reflects her submissive attitude and quiet personality.

Blue Pearl Cosplay Costumes

Blue Pearl may be a quiet Gem, but she is a loyal servant to Blue Diamond and completes her tasks as needed. She is an adorable Homeworld Gem who is dedicated to her race of Gems and the leaders of her kind. Her personality is reflected in her appearance and outfit. She is a shy Gem and this shows through her body movements in the show. We have found all of the pieces for you to create this look for a cosplay costume!

Blue Pearl has short blue hair, she wears a blue one-piece under her blue chiffon dress, and has an oval gem on her chest. She has a slender build about her, and she never has over the top body gestures because she is such a quiet Gem. Her skin is pale blue and has a pointy nose that tends to stick out from under her bangs.

About Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl is a character from the show Steven Universe on Cartoon Network. She is a Homeworld Gem. These are non-corrupted Gems but are not part of the Crystal Gems. Blue Pearl answers to her leader, Blue Diamond and is a very quiet and timid spirit. She does as she is asked by Blue Diamond without dismay or without ever really saying anything at all.

Blue Pearl stays hidden and silent unless she is needed for a task or is spoken to directly. This makes her a good servant because she never argues or challenges a task that she is assigned to. She is unlike the other Pearl’s who are outspoken and seek attention in their tasks of for the day. Blue Pearl stands by and watches others have conversations, but she is a loyal servant to Blue Diamond.

Blue Pearl

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