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The Japanese manga series, Soul Eater, is written by Atsushi Ōkubo that has become an anime series. The series takes place in a school for magical students called Death Weapon Meister Academy where Death is the headmaster. Their job is to protect their world from the evil that tries to conquer it. Blair is a Monster Cat, but a mighty one. She is so powerful that she gets mistaken to be a witch. She can freely transform between her cat and the human form; however, she pleases. Her power typically leads to many interesting interactions.

Blair has an empathetic nature about her and is extremely playful. Her different forms also give her unusual abilities, making her a strong ally and scary enemy alike. Get the look of this faux-witch with this Blair costume guide. To look like the human version of Blair, you’re going to want to dress up in a Witch Hat, Blair Wig, Pullover Dress, Petticoat, Satin Gloves, Blair Boots, and Blair Necklace.

Blair Cosplay Costumes

The anime series, Soul Eater, focuses on some compelling characters. They all have unique abilities, as well as different strengths and weaknesses, but Blair is one of the strongest. The soul of a Monster Cat is pretty similar to a witch’s soul, which is why Blair often gets mistaken for one. Her Monster Cat abilities let her transform between a human and a cat. She also has nine lives. In cat form, Blair is agile and has super-human strength, whereas in human form she has enhanced her speed. 

Blair’s outfit isn’t that different from your usual witch, but if you take a closer look, you might see some unique elements. Her purple cat ears and tail aren’t always well hidden, and she also has a cat bell that sits at the collar of her dress. Whether you’re feeling more like a cat today or more like a human, Blair is the perfect character to cosplay!

Blair Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the mystical and mischievous world of Blair from the anime “Soul Eater” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. This guide is crafted to assist you in embodying Blair’s enchanting witch persona, complete with her unique style and charm. Perfect for anime enthusiasts, cosplayers, and those attending themed parties or conventions, our FAQ will provide you with the essential insights to recreate Blair’s iconic look and capture her playful, yet powerful, spirit.

Blair's outfit is both whimsical and alluring, reflecting her character as a powerful witch with a playful side. Essential components include a purple, sleeveless top with a plunging neckline, a matching mini-skirt, and a large witch's hat with a pink ribbon. Blair also wears a pair of black, thigh-high stockings and pointed, black ankle boots. Don’t forget her signature pumpkin-shaped accessories, such as a necklace or earrings.

Blair has long, purple hair with two front pigtails tied with yellow ribbons. To replicate her hairstyle, you can use a long purple wig styled with pigtails. If your hair is naturally long, consider temporary purple hair dye and create the pigtails, securing them with yellow ribbons or hair ties.

Blair's makeup is characterized by a playful yet enchanting look. Focus on bold, purple eyeshadow to match her hair color, along with dramatic eyeliner and false eyelashes to accentuate the eyes. Use a light pink blush for a youthful glow and a purple or pink lipstick to complete the look. Remember to draw her cat-like pupils and whiskers to highlight her witchy, feline features.

To enhance your Blair costume, consider carrying a broomstick or a small plush pumpkin, representing her witchy nature and her iconic pumpkin-themed magic. Additionally, a small, black cat plush or accessory can signify her ability to transform into a cat, a key aspect of her character in "Soul Eater."

Blair is known for her playful and teasing personality. To enhance your cosplay, consider using some of her memorable quotes or actions, such as: "You’re such a darling, Soul! I’ll have to give you some extra special service," Mimicking her playful interactions with the other characters, especially her teasing of Soul and Maka, Recreating her magical attacks or poses, emphasizing her witch-like abilities and her mischievous grin. These quotes and actions will help bring Blair's character to life, showcasing her enchanting and playful demeanor from "Soul Eater."

About Blair

The world of Soul Eater is filled with magical creatures. Some are dangerous and some aren’t, but you can never be quite too careful. There are three teams that have a demon weapon and a meister. The demon weapon is the more powerful of the two as it’s a human that transforms into a weapon of some kind. Each team attends the Death Weapon Meister Academy, run by Death, and their job is to defend the world from the evil that tries to attack. 

Blair is a powerful Monster Cat who often gets mistaken to be a witch. Being a Monster Cat simply means that she can transform between a human and a cat. She stays at the Maka and Soul’s Apartment and has several jobs. Blair has a playful and flirtatious personality but is also very caring towards others. Though she does have many cat-like tendencies, she is often seen taking bubble baths in the human form which is very unlike a cat.


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