How to Dress Like Blade

Male Movies
Sport Sunglasses
Universal Vest
Men's Sheep Leather Gloves
Black Leather Trench Jacket
Mens Tactical Belt
Jungle Boot Black
Mens Army Cargo Combat Pants
Warrior Sword

Best Blade Costume Guide

Years after Wesley Snipes brought the popular Marvel Comics character to the big screen with the movie Blade, the half-vampire, half-mortal known as Eric Brooks is just as popular of a cosplay now as he was in the late 90’s. Follow this simple costume guide, and we’ll have you protecting humans from vampires as a “daywalker” with Blade’s signature look.

Let’s start with the accessories! Select a slick pair of Sports Sunglasses, a Men’s Tactical Belt, and a Warrior Sword. For the clothing, wear a Universal Vest under a Black Leather Trench Coat matched with Men’s Leather Gloves. Complete Blade’s tactical look with some Men’s Cargo Combat Pants and a rugged pair of Black Jungle Boots.

Blade Cosplay Costumes

If you’re looking for a classic comic book character to cosplay at your next convention, Marvel’s Blade is a great option. The 1973 comic book adaptation was Marvel’s first box office success in 1998. For a killer costume, we suggest hitting up a local costume shop for his trademark leather trench coat and Samurai sword. The rest of his outfit, which consists of basic black clothing, can most likely be found in your closet. A black shirt, black pants, and boots to match will nearly complete the look! You’ll then just need to add a pair of black sunglasses.

Blade is a bit of a loner, but that doesn’t make group cosplay impossible. While he may not have friends, Blade definitely has allies you can include like, Karen Jensen, Bloodpack, or Shen. For couples cosplay, you can add Nyssa. For larger groups, bringing in Nightstalkers or Vampires is a fun option. Be sure to check out the featured pics for even more Blade cosplay ideas. Show us your hottest Blade look, we welcome your pics!

Blade Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the dark and thrilling world of “Blade,” the iconic half-vampire, half-human superhero, with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Portrayed by Wesley Snipes in the “Blade” film series, Blade’s style is as lethal as it is sleek, embodying his role as a vampire hunter. This guide will cover all you need to know about recreating Blade’s intimidating and iconic look for cosplay, themed parties, or any event where you want to embody the essence of this fierce character.

Blade's signature look is both functional and intimidating, perfectly suited for a vampire hunter. Essential components include a black, tactical, leather trench coat, a black, form-fitting, tactical vest or body armor, and black combat trousers. He also wears a black, tight-fitting, tactical shirt underneath. Blade completes his look with black combat boots and dark sunglasses with a sleek design.

Blade has a distinct, clean-shaven head, which is a significant part of his intimidating appearance. If you're not bald, you can use a bald cap for a similar effect. Blade also sports a neat goatee, which should be well-groomed and defined. Use a fake goatee if necessary to match his style.

Blade's costume isn't complete without his arsenal of vampire-hunting weapons. Key accessories include a replica of his sword, which has a unique, straight, double-edged design, and a set of silver stakes. He also often carries various holsters and sheaths attached to his belt and coat for his weapons. Remember to use safe, prop weapons to comply with event guidelines.

To add authenticity to your Blade costume, focus on the details of his tactical gear. This includes the body armor's design, the specific style of his trench coat, and the arrangement of his weapon holsters. Pay attention to the fit of the costume; it should be sleek and form-fitting, enhancing his powerful and agile look.

Blade is known for his cool demeanor and impactful one-liners. Here are some memorable quotes: "Some motherf***ers are always trying to ice-skate uphill.," "The world you live in is just a sugar-coated topping!," "There are worse things out tonight than vampires.," "I was born ready, motherf***er." and "You obviously do not know who you are f***ing with!." These quotes capture Blade's tough, no-nonsense attitude and his relentless pursuit of vampires, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this iconic character.

About Blade

Eric Brooks or as he’s more widely known, Blade, is a skilled warrior and killer. Born of a mother who was bitten by a vampire during pregnancy, Blade inherited qualities from his mother’s attacker. The half-vampire, half-mortal has super human strength and enhanced healing abilities. The vampire qualities he inherited include super senses, speed, and stamina. He also ages far slower than the average human. He is laser focused on his mission to protect humans.

Blade is a master martial artist, raised to kill vampires. As a “daywalker,” he hunts and destroys them. He is nearly devoid of emotion even with those closest to him. That is not to say that he is incapable of love on some level. He does have his relationship with Nyssa and his love for Abraham Whistler. While he may have inherited a thirst for human blood, he loathes feeding and is eventually instrumental in developing a serum to fight off the urges. His takes the serum, himself, showing his ability to embrace his mortal side.


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