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Black Noir is a member of The Seven, a group of superheroes in the Amazon web series, The Boys. Wearing an all-black costume having his face totally covered by a mask, he is seen as the enigmatic hero. With a super-powered ninja persona. Black Noir has super strength, heightened senses, and martial arts skills. His mysterious character adds to his terrifying reputation, which makes criminals shake in terror at the mere mention of his name. In the series, it was revealed that Black Noir is actually a clone of Homelander, tasked to keep an eye on The Seven’s primary hero to ensure he does not go insane.

Get the enigmatic ninja warrior look with this Black Noir costume guide! Get a high-quality costume like Black Noir with a Black Motorcycle Jacket and Black Tactical Pants. Complete the ninja’s look with these essential accessories—Tactical Helmet, Motorcycle Gloves, Ski Mask, Tactical Belt, and Combat Boots.

Black Noir Cosplay Costumes

Become the most enigmatic member of The Seven from the Amazon series The Boys by dressing like Black Noir. Create a statement without saying a word, which should be easy with this costume guide. You’ll look like a stealthy ninja when you put on this all-black ensemble—motorcycle jacket, tactical pants, motorcycle gloves, and combat boots. Complete this look with a black ski mask and tactical helmet and you’re all set! The costume may look uncomfortable with all the black and leather-like materials, but this set is surprisingly comfortable.

Of course, you will create maximum impact when you go to your [Halloween] costume party with friends dressed up as other members of The Seven! Get your boys to suit up as Homelander and two of the girls to look tough and sexy with their Queen Maeve and Starlight costumes!

Black Noir Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the gritty and action-packed world of “The Boys” with our costume guide FAQ for Black Noir, the enigmatic and lethal member of the superhero team, The Seven. Known for his intimidating presence and complete silence, Black Noir’s outfit is as mysterious as his persona. This guide is designed to help you replicate his stealthy and formidable look, perfect for fans who are drawn to his dark and mysterious character.

Black Noir's costume is a full-body tactical suit, predominantly black, with armor-like padding and detailing. The suit includes a mask that covers his entire face, leaving no part of his skin visible. His outfit also features utility belts and gloves, enhancing his appearance as a formidable combatant.

To create Black Noir's suit, start with a black, full-body base like a bodysuit or a set of tight black clothing. Add armor-like padding using foam or lightweight materials, cut and painted to resemble Black Noir's costume. Focus on the chest, arms, and legs for the armored look.

Black Noir's mask is essential to his character, covering his entire face and head. Use a full-face ski mask or balaclava as a base, and add features like the eye and mouth details with fabric paint or sewn-on pieces. Ensure the mask is comfortable and allows for visibility and breathing.

Complete your Black Noir costume with a utility belt containing pouches and props resembling weapons or gadgets. Also, wear black tactical gloves and combat boots to match the stealthy, tactical theme of the character.

Black Noir is known for his silence and stoic demeanor. Embodying his character involves maintaining a mysterious and imposing presence. Strike powerful poses and move with a purposeful, stealthy gait. Since he rarely speaks, focus on non-verbal communication and physicality to convey his character.

About Black Noir

Among hero making up The Seven, Black Noir has the fewest morals. As a clone of Homelander, Black Noir is tasked to watch the hero’s actions and eliminate him if he ever goes insane. This eventually backfired. After treating his target for a friend for so long, Black Noir was the one who went crazy. He committed crimes dressed as Homelander to give him a bad rap forcing Voight to have him killed. Black Noir and Billy Butcher also had bad history as he violated Butcher’s wife, earning him Butcher’s eternal hatred.

Black Noir’s character is a parody of three popular anti-heroes: Batman, Deadpool, and Snake Eyes. The all-black costume and stealth is a nod to Batman, while the attitude and preference for bladed weapons is similar to Deadpool. The silence and enigmatic persona is taken from G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes.

Black Noir

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