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Best Black Knight Costume Guide

A brutish knight in all-black garments, the Black Knight skin of the popular online game Fortnite: Battle Royale is known to be one of the most sought-after skins of the game. This outfit can only be obtained when you purchase the Battle Pass Season 2 and play enough to reach Tier 70. Because of how difficult it is to get, the Black Knight is considered a legendary skin in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Bad news for new Fortnite fans, however, because this outfit is no longer available as of February 2018 because several seasons have already started since. Get the look of the mysterious and powerful fighter in this Black Knight costume guide.

Cosplaying the intimidating look of the legendary and sought-after Black Knight with a Black Knight Costume Set, a Black Knight Helmet, a Black Knight Shield, Black Gloves, and a Toy Scar.

Black Knight Cosplay Costumes

Black Knight looks like what you would expect a more modern armored knight: dressed in all black from helmet to boots with red accents on his costume. This legendary skin is part of the Fort Nights set of the Battle Pass Season 2. This set includes other items like the Axecalibur Harvesting Tool, the Crimson Axe Harvesting Tool, and the Sir Glider The Brave Glider. The Black Shield Back Bling that is also part of the Fort Nights set comes with the Black Knight skin when obtained.

Gather your friends and have a Fortnite costume party. We can’t even tell you enough how plenty the number of skins there are to choose from. Just take a look at our costume guides for Cuddle Team Leader, Power Chord, Survival Specialist, Skull Trooper, and Rabbit Raider to name a few. Have some battle royal-themed games to really make it a party!

Black Knight Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the virtual battleground of Fortnite with our costume guide FAQ, specifically tailored for the Black Knight, a coveted and iconic skin in the game. This guide is designed to help you recreate the Black Knight’s formidable and medieval-inspired look, complete with its signature armor and mysterious aura, embodying the thrill of the game.

The Black Knight's costume is a blend of medieval armor and modern design. Key elements include a black helmet with a red plume, a black body armor suit with red accents, dark gauntlets, and greaves. The costume often features a red shield with a unique crest, adding to the knightly theme.

To create the Black Knight's helmet, you can use a black motorcycle or sports helmet as a base and add a red plume made from feathers or fabric. For the body armor, use black clothing as a base and add armor pieces crafted from foam, cardboard, or lightweight plastic, painted black with red detailing to replicate the game's design.

The Black Knight wears armored boots, which can be replicated using black boots as a base. Add foam or cardboard cutouts painted black to mimic the armor plates. Ensure the boots are comfortable for walking or posing.

A key accessory for the Black Knight costume is the red shield with the crest. You can create this using a lightweight material like foam or cardboard, shaped into a shield and painted with the distinctive red and black design. Additionally, carrying a prop sword can enhance the medieval warrior look.

To bring your Black Knight cosplay to life, consider adopting poses or actions from Fortnite, such as: Striking a victorious or battle-ready pose, Mimicking the use of Fortnite weapons or tools, like a pickaxe. Performing popular Fortnite emotes or dances in the Black Knight attire, Posing as if shielding yourself or preparing for an enemy attack. and Adopting a stern, knightly demeanor, fitting the Black Knight's theme. These actions and poses will capture the Black Knight's warrior spirit and the dynamic essence of Fortnite gameplay.

About Black Knight

True to its genre’s name and following the concept of its original reference, Japanese dystopian classic Battle Royale (or Anglicised Japanese title Batoru Rowaiaru), Fortnite: Battle Royale’s gameplay is free for all. What does that mean exactly? 100 individual players play at the same time on one map in a Player vs. Player type of game where the ultimate winner is the last survivor. It also incorporates classic Fortnite gameplay like building and having destructible environments. Unlike its predecessor Fortnite: Save the World, the basic Battle Royale game is free to play for anyone. Players who want to unlock other game campaigns and special seasons (where certain skins, such as Black Knight, are only available) may purchase these as they please.

Black Knight is known in the Fortnite world as the odious scourge of Wailing Woods. Wailing Woods is a forest area on the game that is hard to get to because of the bunker in the middle being surrounded by a labyrinth.

Black Knight

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