How to Dress Like Black Canary

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Black Canary Costume Guide
Long Straight Blonde Full Wig
Cool DRI Performance Tee
Leather Moto Jacket
Leather Eye Patch Mask
Holster And Gun Set
Leather Faux Leggings
Black Velvet Lipstick
Fingerless Leather Gloves
Faux Leather Riding High Boot
Police Force Billy Club

Best Black Canary Costume Guide

Dress up as Black Canary, the superhero alias of Laurel Lance and partner to the Green Arrow in the CW television series Arrow. The former assistant DA of Starling City turned crimefighter when her sister Sara Lance, also known as Canary, was murdered. The Black Canary also appears in the television shows The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Suit up in costume with a Long Straight Blonde Full Wig, Cool DRI Performance Tee, Leather Faux Leggings, Leather Moto Jacket, and a pair of Faux Leather Riding High Boot. Prepare to fight crime with the full look by adding a Holster And Gun Set, Police Force Billy Club, Leather Eye Patch Mask, and Black Velvet Lipstick.

Black Canary Cosplay Costumes

Black Canary is ready for justice, and you can be ready for your next cosplay convention by dressing up as her. Just throw on some black leggings, black riding boots, and a black leather jacket, and no one will want to mess with you. And don’t forget to wear your mask—you don’t want anyone discovering your identity.

If you want to make this cosplay costume even more powerful, it’s time to call for some backup. Get someone to cosplay as Green Arrow and White Canary with you — fans of the show will love your dynamic trio. Check out these Black Canary cosplay costumes for some help suiting up.

About Black Canary

Black Canary, known by her real name Laurel Lance, was a renowned public servant in Starling City, where she served as the Assistant District Attorney. After her younger sister’s death, Lance decided to become a vigilante to defend her city, taking on the name Black Canary. Using the law to fight crime by day and vigilantism to fight crime by night, Black Canary was truly committed to bringing justice to Starling City. Black Canary and Green Arrow had a romantic relationship that was often complicated by their roles as vigilante heroes. Black Canary was stabbed and killed as she attempted to stop Damien Darhk, the leader of the villainous H.I.V.E., from escaping prison. After her death, it was revealed to the citizens of Starling City that Laurel Lance was, in fact, Black Canary.

Black Canary

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