How to Dress Like Bjorn Ironside

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Soldiers Leather Body Armour
Red Acrylic Paint
Handmade Medieval Viking Shield
Medieval Viking Tunic
Open Collar Renaissance Shirt
Viking Hand Axe
Viking Sword
Medieval Ankle Banded Pants
Viking Bracelet
Leather Arm Bracers
Skold Sheepskin
Viking Greaves
Leather Boots

Best Bjorn Ironside Costume Guide

Bjorn Ironside is the oldest son of Ragnar Lothbrok from the television show, Vikings. He is a born leader and warrior, and he is the prime example of a viking because he loves exploring new lands! He has the look of a warrior Viking, and he has a desperate need to be seen as a strong and fearless man.

Get Bjorn Ironside’s look with a set of Soldiers Leather Body Armour, a Handmade Medieval Viking Shield with painted with Red Acrylic Paint to match Bjorn’s shield, a Medieval Viking Tunic, an Open Collar Renaissance Shirt, Medieval Ankle Banded Pants, and Leather Arm Bracers Take a Skold Sheepskin and cut a hole around the middle of it and wear it over your shoulders. Don’t forget your Viking Greaves, and Leather Boots. Even Vikings need their accessories, so grab a Viking Bracelet, a Viking Sword and a Viking Axe so you’re prepared for anything.

Bjorn Ironside Cosplay Costumes

Bjorn is one of the main characters on the Vikings show, and how much fun would it be to dress as the first-born son of Ragnar? This costume isn’t one that you can find in just any store, so many of the pieces are either going to be found in a costume shop or need to be ordered online. The weapons, armor, and Renaissance shirt can most likely be found in a costume shop, but for the rest of the items, we recommend using the links we listed above to find the costume pieces.

Bjorn could easily fight on his own, but grab a couple of your friends to form a small army and turn this into a group cosplay! They can dress as King Ragnar, Floki, Lagertha, or any of the other Vikings on the show! We would love to see a picture of your Bjorn costume. Check out the costume gallery to see how others have recreated his look.

Bjorn Ironside Costume Tips & FAQs

Venture into the fierce and rugged world of Bjorn Ironside from the TV series “Vikings” with our specialized costume guide FAQ. This section aims to assist you in capturing the essence of the legendary Viking warrior. We delve into the key aspects of Bjorn’s traditional Norse attire and accessories, focusing on authenticity and detail to help you embody this formidable character.

Bjorn Ironside's costume is a reflection of his status as a fearless Viking warrior. Key components include a long-sleeved tunic, typically in earth tones like brown or grey, made from rough, natural fabrics. Over this, wear a leather vest or chest armor with Nordic designs. Bjorn often sports fur cloaks or capes, particularly in scenes set in colder climates. Complete the look with dark trousers, leather boots, and a wide belt. Don't forget arm guards and bracers, essential for a warrior's attire.

Bjorn Ironside is known for his rugged, Norse appearance. His hairstyle features shaved sides with longer hair on top, often styled back or in a braid. His beard is full and well-groomed, adding to his warrior persona. To replicate this look, consider shaving the sides of your hair and using hair products to achieve the desired style on top. For the beard, either grow and groom your own or opt for a realistic fake beard if necessary.

Bjorn Ironside, like most Vikings, is rarely seen without his weapons. A broad sword and a round shield are quintessential. The sword should have a simple, straight blade with a wooden or leather-wrapped handle. The shield, large and round, typically features traditional Norse designs or solid colors with a metallic rim. While functional replicas are ideal, for safety and ease, you can opt for foam or plastic versions.

In "Vikings," Bjorn Ironside is depicted with various tattoos, indicative of his status and experiences. These tattoos are often Nordic or tribal in design, located on his arms, neck, and head. For an authentic look, consider using temporary tattoos that replicate these designs, focusing on visible areas that complement your costume.

Bringing Bjorn Ironside's character to life can be accentuated by using his memorable quotes. Here are a few: "I wish I wasn't so angry all the time.," "I have no interest in peace. Peace is a dirty word.," "I am the son of Ragnar Lothbrok, and I am searching for my destiny.," "What are you so afraid of? It's only death!" and "We are all fated to die on a certain day, but it is our own choice to do as we please until that day comes." These quotes capture the essence of Bjorn's character: his struggle with legacy, relentless pursuit of destiny, and the quintessential Viking bravery in the face of death.

About Bjorn Ironside

Ever since Bjorn was a small child, he has wanted to become a warrior. Now that he is finally old enough, he wants nothing more than to prove his worth on the battleground. He cherishes his family above all else, and he is extremely loyal to his father as he looks up to him as a strong and worthy warrior. He also loves his mother Lagertha dearly, and he decided to follow her when she separated from Ragnar and left Kattegat. Bjorn is still young and sometimes will jump the gun when making decisions, so his father is sometimes hesitant when giving him the authority to make important decisions.

Despite the fact that he is a new Viking warrior, Bjorn is strong and skillful with his weapons. He is a talented hunter and is quite useful when there is a need for a hero to protect the land and people. Although his father sometimes questions what situations he should have control over, Bjorn is smart and uses his strategic skills over dumb luck when it comes to battles.

Bjorn Ironside

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