How to Dress Like Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr. Ph.D

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Motorized Wheel Chair
Washed Blue Jeans
Button-Up Shirt
Brown Leather Jacket
Blonde Mustache
Blonde Sideburns
Blonde Hair Wig
American Flag Lapel
Bullet Necklace

Best Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr. Costume Guide

Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr, Ph.D. is a fictional character created by UK comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for his 2018 TV series Who is America? The premise of the show is Baron Cohen masquerading as a series of characters who represent a particular stereotype, and convincing a range of celebrities and members of the public to participate in recorded interviews for non-existent TV shows. Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr. is a ‘doctor’ of questionable reputation and is the founder of a website called, which is full of conspiracy theories.

Ruddick is a keen supporter of Donald Trump, and in many of his interviews with political figures on the opposite side of the spectrum, he attempts to convert them with hilarious results. If you want to transform into Dr. Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr, Ph.D., you’ll need a Motorized Wheelchair, Washed Blue Jeans, Button-Up Shirt, Brown Leather Jacket, Blonde Mustache, Blonde Sideburns, Blonde Hair Wig, American Flag Lapel and a Bullet Necklace.

Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr. Cosplay Costumes

Sacha Baron Cohen has been poking fun at celebrities, particularly American ones, for years now. His sense of humor isn’t for everyone, but if you love his previous work, then you’re bound to be a fan of his hit 2018 series Who is America? In order to conceal his identity when conducting these hilarious social experiments, Baron Cohen needs to go into disguise – which is exactly what cosplay is. So how cool will it be to disguise yourself as somebody else’s disguise!

Why not get a few friends together and coordinate your costumes as a mix of characters like Borat, Ali G, and Bruno, or some of his other fake personalities from Who Is America—Erran Morrad, Dr. Nira Cain-N’Degeocello, Rick Sherman, Italian playboy Gio Monaldo, or Finnish YouTube star OMGWhizzBoyOMG! If you decide to dress as Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr, don’t forget to submit some photos to our Halloween Costume Contest!

Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr. Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the satirical and controversial world of Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., Ph.D., from Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Who Is America?” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. Get ready to embody the eccentric and outspoken conservative character as we answer your most common questions about achieving his distinctively over-the-top American look.

Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr.'s signature style is quintessentially American and leans towards the exaggerated side of conservative fashion. His outfit typically includes a sleeveless denim vest or a patriotic-themed shirt, a pair of light-wash blue jeans, and a baseball cap, often with American flag motifs or conservative political slogans. Adding a mobility scooter as a prop can accentuate the character but is optional.

To replicate Ruddick's look, consider a grayish, unkempt wig if your hair doesn’t match. He sports a scruffy beard, which can be achieved with makeup or a fake beard. For his facial features, Ruddick often has a stern or confrontational expression, so practicing these expressions can add to the authenticity of the costume.

Essential accessories for Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr. include oversized glasses, often with thick frames, and various conservative or patriotic pins and badges attached to his vest. Carrying mock-up conspiracy theory documents or having over-the-top political slogans on your clothing can also enhance the satirical aspect of the character.

A key prop for Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr. is a mobility scooter, which he is often seen using in "Who Is America?" If a scooter is not feasible, consider using crutches or a walking stick as an alternative. These props are central to his persona and add to the comedic and satirical element of the character.

Adding Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr.'s quotes or catchphrases can bring your costume to life. Some of his iconic lines include: "I'm not a big fan of the truth.," "I'm a self-taught scientist.," "Facts do not care about your feelings.," "I've done my research!" and "As a proud American, I have my own beliefs." These quotes capture the essence of Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr.'s character: his pseudo-scientific approach, his staunch conservative views, and his often outlandish and confrontational demeanor.

About Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr.

Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr. Ph.D. is a fictional character played by Sacha Baron Cohen in his 2018 TV series Who is America? One of many strange stereotypes who appear on the show, Ruddick is a conspiracy theorist, Trump supporter and staunch supporter of gun rights. He is the founder of (The Truth Library), a website dedicated to his works on many topics ranging from controversial conspiracy theories to general right-wing political propaganda.

He is known as a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, and even in interviews he conducts with political figures who are opposed to him, Ruddick does his best to have them agree with him that Donald Trump is the greatest president the US has ever had. He has a strong dislike for Obama and Hillary and is very convinced that any negative press against Trump is simply fake news. Some of the characters victims on the show include Ted Koppel, Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, and Barney Frank.

Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr.

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