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Tan T-Shirt
Jean Jacket
Blue Jeans
Black Belt
Brown Mullet
Black Buckle Boots
Chain Necklace
Fake Cigarettes

Best Billy Hargrove Costume Guide

Billy Hargrove is the newest bully on the block that appears in the second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. He moved to Hawkins from California along with his sister Max Hargrove, but he’s not too happy about it. He’s the new guy with the long hair that all the guys want to be like and girls want to date. Now that Billy’s on the scene, Steve Harrington is no longer the most popular guy at Hawkins High School. Billy’s style matches his I’m too-cool-for-you personality, but that’s not going to help him for what’s coming ahead! Get the look of the California cool kid with this Billy Hargrove costume.

Cosplay Billy Hargrove’s look with a Tan T-Shirt under a Jean Jacket, a pair of Blue Jeans with a Black Belt, and some Black Buckle Boots. You can already tell how cool this guy is. Finish Billy’s look by adding a Chain Necklace, some Fake Cigarettes, and a Brown Mullet Wig!

Billy Hargrove Cosplay Costumes

When it comes to Billy Hargrove, he has the appearance of a guy who looks at himself in a mirror about twenty times a day! Billy’s typical 80’s denim style from Netflix’s Stranger Things 2 is pretty to recreate! Grab a tan t-shirt, a pair of light colored jeans, and a black belt out of your own closet. Then, head over to a local thrift shop to find a faded jean jacket and a pair of black boots. Your local costume shop should have a Billy Hargrove mullet wig and fake cigarettes, so all you’ll need is his chain necklace which should be pretty easy to find online! Once you have everything put together, you’ll need one more thing—Billy’s attitude. Walk around with the swagger of the cool California guy.

Get a picture of yourself dressed as Billy Hargrove along with your friends dressed as Max Hargrove, Eleven, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Will Byers to have the full Stranger Things cast for a group costume! You’ll have the most popular Halloween costume around, so send us a picture that we show off in the costume gallery!

Billy Hargrove Costume Tips & FAQs

To fully get in character, use the Billy Hargrove Costume Guide FAQ! In this section, you’ll find all the essential information for dressing up as the charismatic and troubled character from Stranger Things, Billy Hargrove.

To dress like Billy Hargrove, you'll need a tight-fitting, button-up shirt with a bold pattern, such as a Hawaiian or floral print. Pair this with light wash, tight-fitting jeans and a wide leather belt. Complete the outfit with a pair of black or brown boots.

To recreate Billy's facial features, consider using makeup or temporary tattoos to mimic his distinctive mustache and a hint of a beard. Apply bronzer or contour to achieve a sun-kissed, chiseled look. For the hair, you can use hair gel or mousse to create a messy, curly mullet-style.

Billy has a curly mullet with a blond top and dark brown sides. If your hair is already long and curly, you can style it to match Billy's look. If not, you can use a curly mullet wig with blond and brown colors. Make sure to keep the curls loose and natural-looking.

To complete your Billy Hargrove costume, consider wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses and a silver or gold chain necklace. You can also carry a pack of cigarettes as an additional prop (please note that this is not a healthy habit and should be used for costume purposes only). If you want to reference Billy's love for his car, you can carry a set of car keys or create a prop keychain with the Chevrolet logo.

Incorporating Billy's quotes can bring an extra layer of authenticity to your costume. Some memorable lines include: "Am I dreaming, or is that you, Harrington?," "You know, I may be a pretty shitty boyfriend, but turns out I'm actually a pretty damn good babysitter.," "You're all a bunch of nerds.," "You better run, She's our mom now." and "Guess what, you're not my real dad. Don't pretend like you give a crap." These lines capture Billy's complex personality, from his confrontational attitude to moments of unexpected care and humor, making your portrayal all the more believable and engaging.

About Billy Hargrove

Billy Hargrove is the step-sibling to Maxine Hargrove. While Max appears to be brave and loyal to her friends, Billy has the opposite appeal. He has a way about him that implies he has a darker side. There are even rumors going around Hawkins High School that he killed someone in California. Maybe that’s why he and his family had to move to Hawkins, Indiana in the second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Billy is a bully, and his prey is usually the younger kids at school. Even though Max is technically his sibling, Billy hates it when anyone refers to her as his sister. He hates her and likes to control her. His violent personality pushes people away, but he also has a captivating side that makes people believe his lies and thinks he’s innocent when he’s the one up to no good.

Billy Hargrove

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