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Best Billie Eilish Costume Guide

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell, more commonly known as Billie Eilish, is a seventeen-year-old pop star who rose to fame in 2014 after uploading her hit single “Ocean Eyes” to Soundcloud. Overnight, her song went viral and has since gone on to release numerous pop hits. In 2019, she became nominated for six Grammys, including best new artist. Billie is the youngest artist ever to sweep nominations in the top four categories. Despite her roaring success as a singer, she is perhaps best known for baggy, oversized clothing, which has become her aesthetic for music videos and live performances.

Get the look of the Gothic electro-pop star with this Billie Eilish costume guide. Cosplay Billie’s signature look with Yellow Cargo Pants paired with a Bad Guy Hoodie. Add a pair of Yellow Sneakers and wear a Teal Wig to achieve her eccentric aesthetic. Lastly, put on a Billie Eilish necklace to complete the pop star’s look.

Billie Eilish Cosplay Costumes

When Billie first uploaded her single “Ocean Eyes” to SoundCloud, she expected just one person to listen to it, her dance teacher. Upon waking up the next morning, Billie realized that her single had gone viral. Soon after, she released a music video, and her career as an artist immediately took off. Today, she’s best known for her hits “Bad Guy” and “Lucifer.” Now, you can cosplay Billie’s look with yellow cargo pants and a bad guy hoodie. Grab some yellow sneakers and a teal wig to add to her signature look. Lastly, add a Billie Eilish necklace to complete the young icon’s aesthetic.

While Billie Eilish enjoys being different and standing out, you can stand out with some of Billie’s biggest supporters. Grab some friends and dress as Billie’s brother and partner in music, Finneas, or perform a top hit with Billie dressed fellow singer/songwriters, DJ Khaled, or Justin Bieber.

Billie Eilish Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the ethereal and expressive world of Billie Eilish with our “Ocean Eyes” era costume guide FAQ. Capture the essence of Billie’s unique and captivating style from this early stage of her career, as we address your most pressing questions about creating a look inspired by her “Ocean Eyes” music video and promotional appearances.

During the "Ocean Eyes" era, Billie Eilish's style was characterized by a dreamy, slightly edgy aesthetic. Key elements include oversized, comfortable clothing like hoodies or baggy t-shirts, often in pastel or muted tones. She paired these with wide-leg pants or comfortable shorts and sneakers. Her style is relaxed yet distinctive, reflecting her artistic and individualistic spirit.

In the "Ocean Eyes" era, Billie often sported hair dyed in shades of silver, blue, or pale purple, styled in a tousled, casual manner. To achieve this, you can use temporary hair color or a wig in similar shades. The hairstyle should be loose and natural, embodying her effortless and unique persona.

For Billie's outfit, seek out clothing with simple patterns or designs, preferably in pastel, muted, or neutral colors. Graphic tees with subtle designs or plain oversized hoodies are ideal. The key is to maintain a sense of oversized comfort while keeping the color palette soft and dreamy.

Essential accessories for a Billie Eilish "Ocean Eyes" look include chain necklaces and bracelets, and possibly a beanie or bucket hat. For makeup, aim for a natural look with a focus on the eyes, using soft eyeshadows and a bit of mascara to emphasize her dreamy aesthetic.

To enhance your Billie Eilish cosplay from the "Ocean Eyes" era, consider incorporating elements from the music video. This could include a dreamy, contemplative expression, and posing in a way that reflects the fluid, graceful movements seen in the video. Capturing the essence of the song's emotive and ethereal mood will add depth to your portrayal.

About Billie Eilish

Born in December 2001, Billie Eilish grew up in Highland Park, Los Angeles, with a family of artists and musicians. At just fourteen-years-old, Billie found fame and has become the youngest artist ever to be nominated for the Big Four Grammy Awards, including best new artist, album, and song. Best known for her hit “Bad Guy,” which she also recorded with Justin Bieber, Billie has rapidly grown as an artist at the young age of seventeen. While she is known for her electro-pop songs and punk, gothic style, she is perhaps even better known for her baggy, oversized clothing.

Considering Billie is only a teenager, she prefers wearing baggy clothing to hide her body and avoid unnecessary comments. When she wears oversized clothing, she believes she commands respect, and people listen to her because they are intimidated by her. While she wears her clothing to avoid the sexualizing of her body, she thinks that once she turns eighteen, her style may change to become more feminine.

Billie Eilish

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