How to Dress Like Bill Lumbergh

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Best Bill Lumbergh Costume Guide

Bill Lumbergh, the micromanaging President in the 1999 movie Office Space, enjoys torturing his employees little by little every day. His overbearing management style focusing on unnecessary paperwork. He has even been called a “persuasive jerk” at times. We can easily relate to the character on the show. Follow this guide to dress up in Lumbergh’s fashionable corporate clothing.

Bill Lumbergh’s pushy attitude isn’t enough! You can get his look with the signature Two-tone Long Sleeve Dress Shirt, Red Elastic X-Back Suspenders, Haggar Classic-fit Navy Pants, a Columbia Black Belt, and a pair of Clarks Black Oxford Shoes. Add all the necessary clothing accessories with Gold Aviator Glasses, Black and Gold Necktie with a Gold Tie Clip, Gold Class Ring with Red Stone, and Timex Two-tone Watch. You can’t get started on your busywork until you put on your ID Badge Holder with Key Reel and get some coffee in your Initech Coffee Mug.

Bill Lumbergh Cosplay Costumes

Let’s get bossy! If you have your micromanaging hat on, then all you need to recreate Bill Lumbergh’s look is his everyday office wardrobe. Bill sticks to pretty much the same look every day in the office. As a perfectionist, he doesn’t venture outside his typical clothing style. This style makes it easy to cosplay his look because you most likely already have many of the costume pieces.

Start with a pair of wireframe aviator eyeglasses because Bill is always seen wearing them. Then, you will need some typical business clothing like a two-toned button up shirt, colorful necktie, and red suspenders. Grab a standard pair of navy slacks and a black leather belt to get the essentials covered. Since Bill Lumbergh thinks he’s a big shot, he always wears his gold class ring and a gold tie clip. Throw on an ID badge and carry around your Initech coffee mug to make it apparent that you’re the boss. Send in a picture to show off your cosplay. But, first, glance over at the other pictured Lumbergh costumes to get some great ideas!

Bill Lumbergh Costume Tips & FAQs

Transform into the quintessential corporate boss with our costume guide for Bill Lumbergh from “Office Space,” the cult classic film known for its satirical take on office life. Portrayed by Gary Cole, Lumbergh’s character is the epitome of a micromanaging, indifferent office manager. His look is perfect for themed events, film parties, or any occasion where you want to channel the spirit of this iconic office persona.

Bill Lumbergh's outfit is a classic example of 1990s corporate attire. Essential components include a light blue, collared dress shirt and a dark-colored tie, often in a muted pattern. He wears suspenders over his shirt and plain front, khaki dress pants. Lumbergh is also known for his coffee mug, which he frequently carries around the office.

Lumbergh has a neat, combed-back hairstyle with a side parting. His hair is dark, and the style is very typical of a corporate professional. To replicate his look, use gel or pomade to slick back your hair into a similar style.

For footwear, Lumbergh wears classic, polished dress shoes in black or brown. Choose a pair of shoes that reflect a typical corporate style, such as Oxfords or loafers.

Key accessories for a Bill Lumbergh costume include his suspenders, which are a distinctive part of his outfit. Additionally, carrying a coffee mug, especially one that looks like it's from the 1990s, will instantly make your costume more recognizable. You can also add a pair of glasses with a thin metal frame to complete the look.

Bill Lumbergh is known for his monotonous and passive-aggressive phrases. Here are some classic lines: "Mmm, yeah, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow.," "Did you get the memo about the TPS reports?," "Mmm, yeah.," "We have sort of a problem here." and "That'd be great." These lines capture Lumbergh's unenthusiastic and overbearing managerial style, making them great for enhancing your portrayal of this character.

About Bill Lumbergh

We have all worked for that one boss that we couldn’t stand. The one that pushes you around and doesn’t listen to anything you have to say. Well, Bill Lumbergh is the perfect character depiction of the boss we all hate! His character is the boss on the 1999 comedy, Office Space, and he knows just how to ruin his employee’s day.

As President Initech, Lumbergh likes to micromanage every situation and usually assumes that everyone wants all the time. He’s one of many characters in the movie that keeps us laughing, but it’s usually followed by trying to seek revenge on Lumbergh! I mean, who can like a boss that asks his employees to work on Saturdays?! As soon as you hear him say, “If you could just go ahead and…,” we all know he is about to start controlling the situation. Watch out!

Bill Lumbergh

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