How to Dress Like Bilbo Baggins

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Bilbo Baggins Costume Guide
Velvet Blazer
Caramel Corduroy Pants
Green Tweed Vest
White Mandarin Color Shirt
Sting Sword
Bilbo Wig with Ears
Jumbo Feet
Leather and Canvas Ruck Sack
Navy Fleece Blanket
Brown Tobacco Pipe
The One Ring with Chain
Wooden Walking Stick

Best Bilbo Baggins Costume Guide

Bilbo Baggins is a main character in the legendary JRR Tolkien novel, The Hobbit. In the hugely popular film trilogy from Peter Jackson, he was played by actor Martin Freeman. Bilbo is a Hobbit who is happily living his life in the Shire until Gandalf assigned him to go on a quest with a group of Dwarves to return to their homeland and reclaim it from the dragon Smaug who had taken up residence in the Lonely Mountain.

At first, Bilbo wants nothing to do with the quest but is eventually pressured into going along as they need a hobbit for burglar-type tasks, due to his small size. To get the look of everybody’s favorite hobbit, you’ll need a Bilbo Wig with Ears, Brown Tobacco Pipe, Sting Sword, Jumbo Feet, Wooden Walking Stick, White Mandarin Color Shirt, Velvet Blazer, Green Tweed Vest, Caramel Corduroy Pants, The One Ring with Chain, Leather and Canvas Ruck Sack and a Navy Fleece Blanket.

Bilbo Baggins Cosplay Costumes

Arguably one of the most successful novel and movie combinations of all time, everybody knows and loves the characters from The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Bilbo is a character who begrudgingly goes along on an epic quest, but deep down he hates leaving his home and protests throughout much of the journey. But you don’t have to be as grumpy as Bilbo – you can get as excited as you like about this fun cosplay opportunity!

The world Tolkien created in his novels has lent itself to two enormously successful film trilogies in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. If you and your friends are Middle-Earth fanatics and want to cosplay as a group, why not check out some of our other costume ideas such as Bilbo’s nephew, Frodo Baggins, Legolas, Gandalf The Grey or Arwen Undomiel.

About Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo Baggins is one of the most well-known characters in literary and cinema history. Played by Martin Freeman in The Hobbit film trilogy, Bilbo is an unwilling participant in a quest to help a group of Dwarves reclaim their homeland Lonely Mountain. He is known to be grizzly about the whole affair, preferring to stay at home. Hobbits don’t usually stray far from home, and Bilbo considers himself to be too cowardly to end up in dangerous situations.

As the journey goes on, he discovers bravery and courage he didn’t know he possessed, but he also picked up the One Ring, not aware of its significance and believing it to be just a trinket. Before long, He realized that the ring did have a hold over him, but he battled with himself not to be controlled by it. Following his quest, he kept the ring for six decades before parting with it – becoming the only person to hand it over to someone else willingly.

Bilbo Baggins

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