How to Dress Like Biff Tannen

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Biff Tannen Costume Guide
White Shirt
Blue Jeans
Red Short Sleeve Shirt
Black Belt
Black Converse

Best Biff Tannen Costume Guide

Played by Thomas F. Wilson, Biff Tannen is one of the characters in the popular science fiction film trilogy Back to the Future. Following the typical cool jock trope, Biff is George McFly’s biggest bully. Biff wasn’t the smartest person in high school, and because he had the built and the confidence, he used aggression and violence to get George to do his homework for him. He pretty much cheated and bullied his way through high school academics. His immature and rude disposition towards people never really changed, even as Marty McFly and Doc progressed through the timelines. Get the look of the enduring bully with this Biff Tannen costume guide.

You won’t need to bully your way into getting this cosplay look. All you’ll need are a Red Short Sleeve Shirt, a White Shirt, Blue Jeans, Black Belt, and Black Converse Sneakers. That easy!


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