How to Dress Like Beverly Marsh

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Floral Summer Dress
Red Ladies Wig
Women Leather Belt
Keys Dainty Necklace
Green Backpack
Black String Bracelet
Women's Boots

Best Beverly Marsh Costume Guide

Terrifying clowns are especially popular right now due to the recent adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 horror novel, It. But if you ask Beverly “Bev” Marsh what she thinks about clowns, popular is probably the last word that would come out of her mouth. Beverly is one is one of the seven members of The Losers’ Club appearing in the It movie that was haunted, tortured, and almost driven to insanity by the biggest and baddest clown around, Pennywise. Get the look of the tomboyish redhead with this Beverly Marsh costume guide.

You can look just like Beverly Marsh with a few items to recreate her cosplay look. She is usually seen wearing a dark Floral Summer Dress with a Women’s thick Leather Belt tied around her waist. Add a pair of Women’s Boots to the look since Beverly runs around and rides bicycles with the guys. Finish the look with a Dainty Keys Necklace, a Black String Bracelet, and of course a short, curly Red Ladies Wig to match her red hair. Don’t worry, now that you look like Beverly, there won’t be any creepy clowns around…we hope.

Beverly Marsh Cosplay Costumes

Dress up like Beverly “Bev” Marsh in preparation to face off against the horrific creature Pennywise and finally put a stop to the deaths in Derry! A similar floral dress can be found in most retail stores or even a thrift shop. Check your own closet for a pair of basic boots before spending your extra cash, and throw on a similar brown leather belt from your closet. Head over to the costume shop for a short red wig. Her necklace and bracelet can be taken from your own collection or a close match found in stores.

Beverly’s costume could be taken to another level by adding the rest of the members of The Losers’ Club—Bill Denbrough, Ben Hanscom, Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Mike Hanlon, and Stan Uris. You have to get one of your friends to dress as Pennywise! Whether you go solo or get the whole gang together, send a picture to add to our costume gallery!

Beverly Marsh Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the haunting yet courageous world of Beverly Marsh from Stephen King’s “IT” with our detailed costume guide FAQ. As one of the central characters in this iconic horror story, Beverly’s style reflects both the era of her youth and her complex, resilient nature. This guide will help you recreate Beverly’s look, capturing the essence of her character as she confronts the terrifying and otherworldly challenges in Derry, Maine.

Beverly Marsh's outfit is typically that of a 1980s teenager, reflecting the period of her youth in the novel and film adaptations. Essential components include a simple, often pastel-colored shirt or blouse, high-waisted jeans or a denim skirt, and comfortable sneakers or flat shoes. Her style is practical and understated, fitting her as a character who deals with more than her share of real-world troubles.

Beverly is often depicted with long, curly or wavy red hair, a significant aspect of her appearance. If your hair isn't similar, consider using a long, wavy red wig. For makeup, keep it minimal and natural, reflecting Beverly's young age and the simplicity of her character.

Essential accessories for Beverly include simple, age-appropriate jewelry like a small necklace or a friendship bracelet, as seen in some adaptations. Depending on the adaptation you're drawing inspiration from, you might also include props like a slingshot, which she uses in the novel and films, or a bicycle, reflecting the adventurous spirit of her and her friends.

Focus on details that make Beverly relatable as a typical teenager of the 1980s. This includes choosing clothing with a slightly worn look, as Beverly comes from a modest background. Additionally, embodying her brave and resilient spirit, particularly in the way you carry yourself, will add depth to the costume.

To enhance your Beverly Marsh cosplay, consider incorporating some of her memorable traits and quotes. Beverly is known for her courage, kindness, and complexity. Some notable lines include: "We all float down here.," "I'm not afraid of you!," "You can't let it kill twice." and "January embers. My heart burns there, too." These quotes and traits capture Beverly's bravery in facing her fears, her loyalty to her friends, and her struggle with personal demons, making them perfect for bringing depth to your portrayal of her character.

About Beverly Marsh

Beverly Marsh from the Stephen King horror film, It, was living the life of a young, teenage girl and then her life turned into a living nightmare. She thought she was going insane when her bathroom sink exploded with blood, covering the bathroom walls with gallons of blood! Her dad even walked into the room and didn’t notice anything had changed. She knew she was losing her mind and someone or something was haunting her when she was sleeping and awake.

All of the kids in Derry, Maine were being tortured by Pennywise the Clown. So, Beverly and her group of guy friends, known as The Losers’ Club, decided to put a stop to the terror one way or another! The clown was more than a vision or dream because he could physically hurt the children, and he had a special eye for Beverly. The boys did everything they could, but Beverly was ultimately taken into the lair of Pennywise the Clown!

Beverly Marsh

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