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Bernard Lowe Costume Guide
Black Two Button Suit
Blue Framed Glasses
Black Tie
Van Heusen Long Sleeve Shirt
Silver-Tone Watch with Link Bracelet
Half Time Oxford Shoe

Best Bernard Lowe Costume Guide

Bernard Lowe is one of the main characters of HBO’s hit sci-fi show, Westworld. His position within the company as Head of Programming Division led by Dr. Robert Ford. His job is to program the personalities and emotions of the Westworld hosts. He had a seemingly positive relationship with everyone in the company until it was revealed that Bernard is not a human, but a host originally created by Dr. Ford. Get the complete look of Westworld programmer with this Bernard Lowe costume.

Cosplay Bernard’s formal, yet minimalistic look. To dress like him, first, you’ll need to wear a Van Heusen Long Sleeve Shirt paired up with a simple Black Two-button Suit. Add a Skinny Knit Tie and a pair of Blue Framed Glasses. Finally, slip on your Oxford Shoes and Silver-Tone Watch. That’s it. Now you’re ready to program some hosts.

Bernard Lowe Cosplay Costumes

Bernard Lowe is a kind, introverted fellow. He is highly intelligent and extremely focused on his tasks y as Head of Programming Division. His interactions with almost everyone in Westworld is positive. He respects and reveres his boss, Dr. Robert Ford. Cosplaying Bernard will be meditative given that Bernard is so calm and composed.

But that’s just where the story begins! Cosplaying Bernard alone is not much fun in itself. So, gather your friends who are into the HBO show Westworld and ask them to dress up as their favorite characters, human and host alike. They can dress up as the famous Dr. Robert Ford, the lovable Dolores Abernathy, the sinister Man In Black, or the Cleanup Technicians. The way Westworld celebrates the diversity of its characters will make cosplaying them fun. Submit pictures of your final cosplay when you’re costume is complete!

About Bernard Lowe

Bernard Lowe works at Westworld, which operates a colossal Wild West–themed amusement park with different adventures. In the HBO sci-fi show Westworld, guests can fulfill every fantasy they may have, no matter how righteous or sinful. Here, Bernard works as the Head of Programming Division under the leadership of the founder, Dr. Robert Ford. Bernard has a special relationship with Theresa Cullen whom he apparently loved. He has good relationships with everyone in the company.

All this changed when he found out he was not a human, but a host himself. He was created by Dr. Robert Ford to be the identical image of the original Westworld co-founder, Arnold. Dr. Ford created him because his human staff was not capable of programming the hosts with the necessary emotions. Although Bernard is extremely human, he cannot disobey the commands of Dr. Ford even though he was aware what his evil.

Bernard Lowe

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