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Benny Lafitte is a character in the American television series, Supernatural. Turned into a vampire by “The Old Man,” Benny worshipped him maker as a God. But, Benny later abandoned his maker when he fell in love with Andrea Kormos. The Old Man discovered Benny’s betrayal killing him and condemning his soul to Purgatory. Benny managed to take back his life 50 years later by helping Dean Winchester escape purgatory. In exchange, Benny was brought back to life. When he returned to Earth, Benny killed The Old Man with Dean’s help.

Transform yourself into a ruggedly handsome vampire by dressing up as Benny LaFitte from Supernatural. Benny’s outfit consists of a Black Peacoat, Brown Pants, Brown Button-Down Shirt, Off White Henley, Black Fisherman’s Cap, and Black Boots.

Benny LaFitte Cosplay Costumes

Benny LaFitte has dark hair and a beard. He has a sturdy physique that fills out his clothes nicely. He wears a black coat over a brown button-down shirt and brown pants. The look is accessorized with black boots, a fisherman’s cap, and a pair of white shoes. Benny worshipped “The Old Man” for many years and actually became his second-in-command. After Benny fell in love, he tried to run away with Andrea. Benny was soon discovered by the Old Man who cut off his head and sent him to Purgatory. While in Purgatory, Benny spent many years fighting the souls of dead monsters.

This Benny LaFitte outfit provides you with the gear to get a rugged Supernatural costume. To complete this look, you can shop around for a fake Purgatory Blade, a standard weapon used by occupants of Purgatory. This was the weapon often used by Benny and Dean during their time in Purgatory. But, even if you don’t carry a Purgatory Blade, Benny’s outfit will give you the confidence to take on “The Old Man.”

Benny LaFitte Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the supernatural world with our Benny Lafitte costume guide FAQ. Benny, a memorable character from the TV series “Supernatural,” is known for his rugged vampire persona blended with a down-to-earth, biker style. This guide will assist you in recreating Benny’s distinctive look, answering your questions about capturing the essence of this fan-favorite vampire with a heart.

Benny's attire typically includes a dark, heavy jacket or coat, often leather, giving him a tough, biker-like appearance. Underneath, he usually wears a plain or lightly patterned shirt. His style is functional and no-nonsense, reflecting his gritty, vampire nature.

Benny is known for his short, neatly trimmed hair and a full beard, which you can replicate with your natural hair if it's similar, or with a wig and a fake beard. His hair and beard are usually well-groomed, contributing to his rugged but polished look.

Benny often wears dark jeans or trousers, which pair well with his biker jacket. For shoes, opt for sturdy, dark-colored boots that complement his rugged, outdoorsy style. The boots should be practical and durable, in line with Benny's tough persona.

To complete your Benny costume, consider wearing a simple, dark-colored beanie, which he is occasionally seen wearing. Benny's accessories are minimal, so focus more on the overall rugged and practical aspects of his outfit.

Including quotes from Benny can add an extra layer of authenticity to your costume. Some memorable ones include: "You know, I spent so long racked with what I'd lost. I never saw what I'd gained. A second chance.," "I'm a monster. What I do is what I am. But it's not all that I am.," "There ain't no me if there ain't no you." and "Purgatory was pure. Honest. It was all about survival. Out here, with all this noise and complication, I can't see anything clearly." These quotes capture Benny's introspective nature, his struggles with his identity, and his unique perspective on life and survival.

About Benny LaFitte

As a vampire, Benny LaFitte possesses the requisite powers, such as super strength, super speed, and super senses. His abilities, as displayed on Supernatural, became further developed during his time spent in Purgatory. He can kill up to six vampires by himself, although he accomplishes this with some degree of difficulty. His regenerative powers can heal wounds as long as he consumes enough human blood. He is immortal, as long as he isn’t affected by a vampire’s weakness.

He still has his weaknesses, though. These weaknesses include Vamptonite, which is human blood that contains DNA altered by Leviathan corn syrup. The effect on him and other vampires are like ingesting a powerful acid. Just like other vampires, Benny can be killed by decapitation. Beheading was how Dean killed him when he asked to return to Purgatory. Drinking a dead man’s blood can also incapacitate him, although it’s not potent enough to kill vampires.

Benny LaFitte

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